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Terrine of beef and chicken with mushrooms.


Terrine of beef n / p 150gr.
Watermelon 150g.
10g pistachio crumbs.
20g feta cheese.
Physalis 3g.
Red currants 3g.
Balsamic Cream 3g.
Mikrozelen 1g.


Recipe terrine of beef. Beef tenderloin to recapture through the plastic. White mushrooms fried with onions, mix with mousse of chicken (breast, protein, cream, spices). Of a pastry bag to squeeze the mixture of mushrooms and mousse on beaten off beef. Close by a film. Boil at 80 ° C * within 20min. 
Pistachio crumbs. Biscuit and pistachio crumbs with chlorophyll. How to make chlorophyll? Rather how to get it! Dill blender grind in cold water. Strain, thereby obtain green water. Put warm. Bonding occurs green particles. Important! That water can not be boiled. Not razbaltyvaya, carefully remove the spoon green clumps on a paper towel. Got a natural dye. 
Let's go back to the recipe terrine. His paniruem in pistachio crumbs and cut. 
Watermelon vacuuming. Thus there is a compression of the molecule breaks uniformly, we obtain the structure of a slightly different texture and color.
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