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Asparagus with squid and zest of citrus and cucumber


Asparagus 10g soya.
Kalmar 15g.
Ginger 5g.
Sugar 4gr.
Lemon 9gr.
Vegetable oil 8g.
Soy sauce 8g.
Sol 2g.
Garlic 9gr.
Zest of lemon and orange
frying oil
Funchoza 8gr.
11gr carrot.
Fresh Cucumber peel 1g.


Asparagus soak for a few hours, cut. Kalmar clean. Boil. Slice. Marinate carrots, boiled Funchoza asparagus, squid with sugar, soy sauce, garlic, salt, ginger, lemon. Garnish with orange peel, lemon, cucumber, Funchoza ball. To squid was soft it is not necessary to digest it, do not forget to remove the film with good sweep.
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