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Noodle soup with RAPAN

This dish was made in the format of blind tasting. There was a set of five positions. The waiters did not know whether they were bringing food, and the task of the guests was to guess the main products. Out of 30 people, all options were failed. The event was pleasant, the communication was delayed. And now the secret components.

Cream of mushroom cappuccino

Polished in design and taste terms mushroom soup. Over the course of several years, I refined the recipe, giving it a balanced taste and interesting presentation. The dish was included in THE top sales in my menu. Extremely positive reviews, plus word of mouth. Adaptability to cooking makes this position popular.

Cheese soup with tiger prawns and cherry tomatoes

This soup is very quick and easy, so you can make the order as saying bosses "From under the knife."

Lamb consommé with noodles and carrot cream.

Great riches, clear broth, which I am applying in the kettle.

Triple FINE ear with octopus, trout, scallops and tiger prawns.

Undoubtedly, the most important thing in your ear is the broth. I'm doing it on the basis of three species of fish. Rudd, head of trout, carp. When the broth cools, it should not be runny.

Cappuccino with tiger prawns with truffle Espuma.

A small portion of shrimp soup in an elegant flow. The harmony of taste. Cost of meals 70 cents.

Nettle soup with dumplings.

Taste and vitamins in flavored nettle saturated chicken broth.

Sea buckthorn-mint soup with quail farming and seasonal berries.

From a series of seasonal berry special offers. A refreshing summer soup with an interesting flavor shades

Hash for homemade yogurt and fizzy lemon.

The trick of this dish - yogurt which I do myself with goat milk. Feeding by using liquid nitrogen. Fizzy lemon kulechke of blueberries.
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