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Cream of mushroom cappuccino


Mushroom cream soup 200 gr.
Milk foam 10g.
Truffle dressing 5g.
Cookies microplane 1G.
Cold cedar smoke
Mushroom cream soup with truffles
Mushroom cream soup with truffles
Cream of mushroom soup. 
Onion and garlic cut into cubes. fry in vegetable oil. Add fresh chanterelles, porcini mushrooms, and boletus. Fry a little. Add milk and mushroom broth. Simmer until tender. Bring to taste with salt and pepper mixture. Grind in a bar blender until smooth. 
Milk foam.
Special protein milk for cappuccino is better. Heat a little to room temperature. Beat with a special whisk, you can use a blender or French press. 
Truffle dressing. 
Fresh truffle and dill cut into crash. Mix with truffle oil.
Cookies from micro-greenery. 
Grate white bread on a grater, mix it with minced meat from micro-greens, bring it to taste with Basil salt (you can buy it on @food_fish_ka) 
Cold cedar smoke.
In a bowl, pour warm water, drop the essential oil of cedar. add liquid nitrogen, put a glass of soup.
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