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Roman Trusov
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Lamb consommé with noodles and carrot cream.


Broth of lamb n / p 200gr. Noodles 10g. Lamb shank 70g. Cherry tomatoes 22gr. Carrot Cream p / f 40g. Flowers 1pc.


Soup base recipe properly made ​​broth of lamb. Consommé - (from the French Con-sommer - for a long time to cook) - is clarified strong beef broth, lamb or poultry. In this case, the lamb shank. Pour cold water 1: 4. Onions, carrots, baked at high temperatures, add after the soup comes to a boil and foam removed. We can not allow the boiling broth, fat saponified and it was cloudy. At the end of cooking, add parsley or dill stalks, spices (bay leaf, allspice, clove of garlic). Carrots and onions, chop into small amount of broth to the consistency of liquid cream. Boil noodles in water.
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