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Cheese soup with tiger prawns and cherry tomatoes


Cheese Soup 300g.
Brie cheese 15g.
Parmesan cheese 10 gr.
Tiger shrimps 60 gr.
Cherry tomatoes 10 gr.
Mikrozelen, flowers
recipe cheese soup with prawns
recipe cheese soup with prawns
For most cheese soup need: amber cream cheese 100 gr. Potatoes 130gr., Paprika 120gr., Onion 100gr., Cream 33% 30g., 400g chicken broth. Boil the vegetables until cooked chicken broth, add the cheese, cream, crushed blender until smooth, strain through a sieve, bring to taste with salt, white pepper. The soup should be thick, so freely poured from a teapot. In a bowl put the fried shrimp, brie cheese, grated Parmesan cheese, cherry tomato halves podpechёnnye.
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