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hot appetizers


Young hot potato with herring ice cream

I love young boiled potatoes with dill and butter. This is what I did in this dish, adding ice cream from herring. To do this, I used ice, frozen apples, herring with milk in ice and under vacuum crushed into soft snow. I put a ball of ice cream on top of a pickled red onion. There may be doubts about the combination of herring and milk. In this form, everything is perfectly combined, since this position has been tested on a dozen chefs, then guests and no one, even a hint of stomach upset. A great combination on the contrast of temperatures

Buckwheat pancakes with mushrooms and pickled onions

Good cost, respectively, and sales. According to statistics, the leader of the section of the hot appetizers, the restaurant's menu.

Red pancakes with salmon

Proven taste of tradition and time. Russian pancakes with salmon. Recommendations and additional chips to the dish

Wheat pancakes with red caviar

Traditional Russian treats, especially important in Maslenitsa

Tempura roll with chicken, egg noodles and garlic sauce

A good option for the Asian fast food. Crisp, cheap products, technology to prepare.

Cheese balls with tartar sauce

Suffice masthead dish in a new filing with the right taste. I remember in one large restaurant manager was replaced and ordered cheese balls understand what they are made of cheap Russian cheese. Impressions were negative. It is not always possible to save on some products, although hard mozzarella cheese is not expensive.

Fish fondue with vegetable oil

Fondue vary, but the principle is the same. You can dip a piece of meat or vegetables in cheese sauce or fruit in chocolate. I demonstrate fish fondue recipe is perfect for a small company of five or six people.

Skewers of hearts, rice and pepper roast is

A simple and tasty dish in the Asian style. In addition, sufficient budget. The products complement each other perfectly.

Marinated black radish with pineapple and cream

The taste and color, as they say, no friend, and like a radish is not everything, but when she blanched and marinated, taste radish itself fades into the background. Sour-sweet product with a pleasant texture and beautiful structure. The scent of damask rose gives a special charm to this dish. At first glance nesochetaemy composition of the products, a little surprised at the actual tasting.

Chicken breast with pear and orange sauce at Hibiscus

Dietary chicken breast cooked at low temperatures with a spicy orange finish and sharp acidity of the sauce from the hibiscus petals. Soft balls pears in a crisp fries. Remarkable taste for fans of gamma pogurmanit.
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