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Bacon fries with tomatoes, bread and rice crisps


Bacon 40 gr.
Radish 2g.
Rye bread 2g.
Canned Beans 6 c.
Oil from the sprats 3g.
Powder blackcurrant 2g.
Cherry tomatoes 6gr.
Balsamic cream 2g.
Rice crisps 2g.
frying oil
Salt pepper
Flowers, mikrozelen
Fried bacon to beer

Bacon fry in oil, fry on a paper towel. From pastry bag to squeeze out the oil with sprats, decorate slices of rye bread, slice radishes, tomatoes, beans, rice chips, on the plate to make a few strokes with salt and pepper.
Oil from the sprats. Butter, sprats, garlic, salt well grind in a blender.
Powder blackcurrant. Frozen black currant on a silicone mat dry at 80 ° C *. Grind in a coffee grinder.
Chips rice. Figure pour cold water, salt the. Good seethe. Grind the spices in a blender until smooth. Smear a thin layer on the silicone mat and bake in the oven at 70 ° C *. Broken down into arbitrary chunks. Sauté in a strongly red-hot frying.
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