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Bryunuaz Chicken with garlic sauce and turnips


Chicken fillet 100g.
Garlic-anchovy sauce 33gr.
Lemon 11gr.
Honey 11gr.
Egg 22gr.
Flour 11gr.
Rusk bread 11gr.
Fresh Cucumber 3g.
Radish 11gr.
Cream Cheese 13gr.
The land of olives 1g.
Flowers, mikrozelen
Vegetable oil


Chicken fillet to salt, pepper, vacuum the oil to cook in water for 2 hours at 70 ° C *. Cut brenuaz, mix with garlic and anchovy sauce. Put through the ring. From turnips cut chateau, boiled, marinated with honey and lemon. Breaded, fried. Cream cheese mixed with fresh green, otsadit through a pastry bag. Decorate.
The sauce anchovy-garlic. The yolk whisk gradually adding the mixture, whipped blender of anchovies, garlic, Parmesan cheese, butter. Mix with mayonnaise.
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