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Cutlets of hare with black truffle sauce and "Porto".


Cutlets from hare p / f 45gr.Chips celery p.f 3g.Mashed green peas n / p 35g.mashed potatoes and celery n / p 35g.Porto sauce n / p 30g.Watercress salad 1g.Kalanchoe flowers 3pc.Cranberry 4g.1g black truffle.White truffle oil 1g.
On a plate lay out three quenelles of potato and celery puree and pea puree, mixing with the two sides. Puree is very simple. Celery root peel, otvarivarit podsalenoy in the water. Mash, mix with the potatoes. Mashed green peas - frozen green peas simmered in boiling water, chop in a blender. Rub through a sieve. All three kinds of mashed potatoes fill butter, cream, salt and white pepper. At each cutlet knelku spread of hare and a slice of truffle, watercress salad and flowers according to the photo. . Demiglyas sauce is heated from the addition of port wine and cranberry. We spread according to the photo. Garnish with celery chips. Meat patties pass through Cooter with cream and protein. Rub through a sieve to obtain a homogeneous mass. Bring to taste, add the crushed pistachios. Use food grade plastic roll into a tight tube. Cooking on a pair at 80 * - 7 minutes. Cut into flat washers.
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