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Scallops with celeriac puree and pike caviar.


Scallop 30g.Vegetable oil 20g.Celeriac puree 30g.Bread coal 2g.Pike caviar 8g.Foam basil 1g.Carrot chips 1g.Chips celery 2g.3g cream sauce.Gold powderflowersMikrozelen
Scallops with celeriac puree and pike caviar.
Scallops with celeriac puree and pike caviar.
Scallop drizzle with vegetable oil and fry quickly at high temperatures ( 500 * C). Add salt , pepper .Celeriac puree . Celery cut into cubes, boil in salted water. Strain, add the cream , crushed blender . Bring to taste, rub through a sieve into a trap . Trap can be held in the workpiece. When you leave in order to warm up a pot of water .Bread coal. Mix the mass of the consistency of thick cream with eggs, sugar , cuttlefish ink , flour and salt. Deposited into punctured on all sides of a paper cup weight siphon. Cook in microwave 30 - 40sec . Allow to cool . Dry. Should get a black , crispy, porous mass .Foam basil . In the green leaves of basil to add lecithin , a little fish stock . Beat blender until foaming .Carrot chips . Carrot thread soaked in sugar syrup . Wind up the form. Dry.Creamy sauce . Cream 33% evaporated to desired consistency . Bring to taste, add fresh beet .Chips of celery. Celery cut on the slicer , cut rings, blanch in salted water. Breaded in flour . Fry in deep fat .Decorate the dish of golden powder , herbs and flowers .
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