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Roman Trusov
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Quail risotto with melon and pine nuts.


Melon 200g. Filling honey-mustard 20g. Mikrozelen 1g. Mint 2g. Physalis 11g. flowers Quail 1pc. Guar gum 1g. Grape 30g. Grape sauce 5g. Vegetable oil 5g.


Quail to cut, sanded. Evacuate with butter, mustard, honey. Steamed at 80 ° C during 10 min *. Writing a color scheme in a skillet. Recipe risotto melon. Melon cut into cubes, add half of seedless grapes, pine nuts, mint, guar gum. Grape juice is evaporated to the consistency of the sauce. Decorate with flowers, mikrozelenyu.
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