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Skewers of hearts, rice and pepper roast is


Chicken Hearts 44gr.
Tomatoes 22gr.
Bulgarian pepper 16gr.
Cucumber 24gr.
Onion salad 8gr.
Tartar sauce 44gr.
Figure kruglozёrny 9gr.
Apple vinegar 4gr.
Salt, pepper mixture
frying oil
Flour, breadcrumbs, egg


Hearts add salt, pepper, and butter evacuated. Cook at 70 ° C * 3 hour. Bulgarian pepper bake at 180 ° C *, peel and seeds. Boil the rice, bring to taste with salt, pepper, vinegar. Roll the balls, breaded in flour, lezone, breadcrumbs. Fry in deep fat. Prick ingredients on skewers, warm up in the oven. Share on cucumber and sauce.
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