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Sausage dough. Molecular cuisine.


Chicken fillet 30g.30g carrots.Garlic 1g.33% cream 20g.Egg (protein) 0.5sht.10g mascarpone.1g gelatin.Black salt 1g.Spaghetti 5g.Red currant 2g.Gold, flowers, mikrozelen
Sausage dough. Molecular cuisine.
Sausage dough. Molecular cuisine.
Chicken Sausage . Some people think that molecular cuisine recipes are as fraud and imitation flavors from the usual . In appearance turned sausage, not tell the difference. To do this, grate carrots , chop into Cooter with raw chicken, cream, protein. Bring to taste with garlic, salt and pepper. The resulting mass through a pastry bag transplant on plastic wrap and wrap . Tightly roll into sausage shape . Recipe of molecular gastronomy - will write the phrase in those recipes where will meet similar deceptive technology and make references to similar dishes. Distracted. Boil the resulting sausage at 70 * for 15 minutes. Cut the plastic off the edges . Zaglaziroval I had her in a sauce of mascarpone .The sauce of mascarpone . Mixed with mascarpone cream and melted gelatin. Bring to taste. Recipe of molecular gastronomy , I like that phrase , I can not help it. In general, this dish can be identified interesting design and technology of frosting , which I namuchalsya .
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