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15/10/2016 1:19

Recipe of pork porridge

How fast and delicious to cook millet with pork, feed, than spice, sauce recipe tartar.
21/09/2016 10:00

A fresh vegetable salad

Make Spring roll, and in it We serve a delicious salad of pickled vegetables. Spicy dressing and unusual design, make your guests to assess the true dish.
13/08/2016 20:39

Sandwiches with sprats

How to make sandwiches with sprats and surprise guests
18/07/2016 18:19

How to cook cutlets Pozharsky home

Recipe Pozharsky cutlets, all the subtleties of cooking. Try to cook at home.
11/04/2015 21:41

Glowing dishes. Molecular cuisine recipes. Panna Cotta from Hercules.

Fluorescent proteins. Fluorescence - the ability to absorb light at a certain wavelength and, with a delay of a few nanoseconds, emit it at a slightly longer wavelength.
14/12/2014 17:55

master classes Roman Trusova

14/12/2014 16:38

charlotte recipe from Roman Trusova

27/09/2014 20:01


Recipe sauerkraut. How fast fermenting cabbage for the winter.
18/09/2014 23:13

Discount in the restaurant Talisman

Experience of working in the restaurant mascot. Reviews of workers. Develop menu, organization of personnel motivation system.
19/06/2014 22:23

borscht recipe

How to cook soup chef at home? What kind of meat to choose and how to prepare beets? A description of all processes. Borscht recipe.
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