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Alex Atala (Alex Atala): a fan of punk rock and culinary "monster".

The most difficult and unusual cooking
 It is closely related to wildlife
Alex Atala
Brazilian secret to success
Amazon. For Brazilian chef Alex Atala, this area has become a storehouse from which it takes almost all the products for its amazing cuisine. Little-known plants, exotic herbs from the Amazon rain forest - that's the perfect ingredients for a gourmet Atala. Is Brazilian cuisine? Yes. Dishes Alex Atala - a true gift for all of Latin America.
Brazil, too, suffers from a bunch of products with harmful additives and preservatives. The famous Brazilian coffee is pretty poor quality. Therefore chef D.O.M. choose local products and gifts Amazonian tropics. For example, acquires a special honey from the guys that make it in the Amazon jungle is not quite legally. Atala is friendly and cooperating with indigenous communities, which are mined unique ingredients in the rainforest for him.
Professional path of Alex - the real quest. Born Chef 3 June 1968. Birthplace of the city of São Paulo. Being a fan of clubbing, DJ and punk rocker, arrogant and cocky Brazilian really wanted to become the owner of a visa to Europe. Atala not think of anything more brilliant and easier than to go on a cooking course, which took place in Belgium. So at age 19, he began his studies at the School of Hotel Management (École Hôtelière de Namur). The next step was to work in France. Atala got experience at the restaurant three times mishlenovtsa Jean-Pierre Bruneau and the brilliant Barnara Loiseau. It was a great and difficult time in which Alex received a lot of useful and important knowledge. Then, there were restaurants Italy, where Atala was able to improve and hone their skills.
When the future world culinary "star" has returned to São Paulo (1994), he was experienced and known. Local restaurateurs and journalists surrounded him your undivided attention. Five years later, Atala opened a gourmet restaurant is amazing D.O.M.
Fresh Amazonian ants
You think it's a joke or an allegory? Not at all. This is one of the specialty of the house called D.O.M. Incidentally D.O.M formed by Deo Optimo Maximo. Translated into Russian, it means: God, the Best, the Greatest. would have liked to God edible insects of the Amazon forest, taste like lemongrass Alex Atala does not know, but its visitors love them. Eat them as original desserts.
In an unusual institution a lot of strange dishes.
• Tucupi - dish of cassava root (similar to the yellow sauce)
• Jambu - fish with Brazilian honey, produced in the tropics
• Fettuccine with shrimp from palm oil and Coral
• Ravioli with banana sorbet mandarin
Do not worry, the restaurant's menu there and the wine and cheese, and oysters. They bring to Sao Paulo from across the country. But fish, fruits, herbs, flowers and delicious insects driven only from the Amazon basin.
• One of the fifty best restaurants in the world (according to Restauran edition)
• On the top line in the list of the best Latin American restaurants
• Atala entered the list of 100 most influential personalities of the world (according to the magazine Time, category "Celebrities in the world of art")
Daredevil imaginative
Alex Atala journalists find it very courageous chef, having an unusual imagination. Chief of unique restaurants to choose for their meals rare and unusual products with strange names and flavors. It's true, is fundamentally different from many famous colleagues, create a masterpiece of haute cuisine is not of the usual ingredients, and of the gifts of the Amazon jungle. This is his philosophy and unique approach to cooking.
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