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25/08/2019 23:02

Culinary master class from the chef: how not to be disappointed in it?

In the routine of working days, you need to think about how to relax, change the situation, gain strength for further work. After all, if you do not rest, do not be inspired - the efficiency drops. In this regard, I propose to consider the idea of a culinary master class. How to choose what to pay attention to, what are the differences - I'll tell you in this blog.
16/08/2019 18:02

Kitchen rules. The salary of an employee is determined by his / her professional skills.

Kitchen rules for the chef. My personal notes to help the chef organize work and gain respect. In this blog we will talk about the value of the employee. The salary of the cook is not the highest in comparison with other professions, but on what it depends and is formed.
12/08/2019 20:23

Teach cooks to appreciate someone else's work

Another kitchen rule for a chef. This time I will tell you about the position – washing dishes.Cooks often do not appreciate the work of their colleagues, and sometimes do not even think about their actions. In addition, cleanliness can never be, if it is not maintained. Is it worth giving the staff the right to choose why to make generalists from chefs and a lot of other useful information in this blog.
10/08/2019 23:14

Interested in the opinions of guests

I have always been of the opinion that the chef is the face of the restaurant, so his duties are not limited to cooking. Generation of ideas, creativity, implementation of seemingly incredible ideas in parallel with the current work and the solution of organizational issues - this is the life of the chief, hidden from the eyes of guests. People want to know who you are. And it is also important to know that their opinion or wish will be heard.
19/06/2019 23:12

Pay attention to the dishes, "coming" from the hall

There are times when guests of the restaurant are dissatisfied with the food, dishes partially, and sometimes completely remain on the plates. This is the first signal to think about the boss and quickly identify the cause. What to pay attention to, what measures to take, how to behave in such a situation. Another kitchen rule for chefs.
17/06/2019 23:21

Don't let anyone make decisions in your area of expertise.

People like to give advice. Especially when they are not asked about it and despite the fact that sometimes they understand the issue much worse than the one they are trying to help. Even sadder, when tactless show colleagues begin to put forward absolutely unnecessary theory and try to teach the chef to cook. Be put in place to unwanted advice needed!
28/02/2018 16:39

Culinary master class in St. Petersburg

A culinary master class in St. Petersburg is a symbiosis between an educational and entertainment event, an extremely useful, pleasant and informative way to spend time. I propose the organization of professional culinary master classes in the restaurant of St. Petersburg - more details can be found below.
25/02/2018 1:04

Development of the restaurant concept

The development of the concept of a restaurant can be a problem for a beginner without experience and knowledge. To get the detailed information about my services on development of the restaurant concept to order from scratch it is possible in the article.
15/02/2018 21:26

Master-class on bread baking

Master classes in recent years have become a fairly popular way to spend time and to pump their skills. I bring to your attention an exclusive master class on bread baking from a professional chef, contact me and find out all the details.
11/02/2018 14:51

Opening of the restaurant in St. Petersburg

Perhaps, in your heart, not the first year the dream of your whole life hovered - the opening of a restaurant in St. Petersburg. You worked hard, and, at last, were on the home stretch, starting to organize your very first restaurant business. Let's try to figure out with what difficulties a person who is busy opening a restaurant in St. Petersburg and how I can help in overcoming these difficulties can face.
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