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11/01/2022 21:07

Biodynamic Non-Chernoplodka Wine

Man, the earth, natural vibrations, aronia bushes, the lunar calendar, the sun, all this is the balance of a single whole winery, where biodynamic wine is made from blackberries. This post is dedicated to the love of nature and manual labor, the spiritual part of which is sealed in a bottle of a beautiful author's drink.
01/12/2021 16:47

The difficulties of growing micro-greenery at home

Microgreens are actively included in the diet of PP and the HoReCa segment. Juicy young shoots of herbs, vegetables, it would seem elementary to grow on a home windowsill. But there is also a downside to the coin, which we will talk about in this blog.
06/10/2021 14:23

Why subscribe to the newsletter of my author's website

What does a newsletter subscription give you? What advantages and nice gifts can you get by being subscribed? Read and subscribe
09/06/2021 22:03

Pitsunda pine

Pitsunda pine All interesting facts, healing properties and application in cooking of Pitsunda pine. Where it grows, and how to grow it properly.
31/05/2021 23:24

Chef in the restaurant

Finding a chef in a restaurant is not an easy task, because there are many of them and you want to see a worthy specialist who will give an impetus to the institution. How the interviews go, whether you need a test food, what to pay attention to - all this is in my blog. I've been through thousands of interviews, done a lot of tastings, and I know it all from the inside out. A few tips for restaurateurs and chefs in this blog.
22/04/2021 9:09

Tibetan milk Mushroom

It is also called kefir fungus. Active use was found in Tibet by monks. In this blog, I will put everything on the shelves about this type of product. What it consists of, what properties it has and to whom it is contraindicated, how to grow and make delicious and healthy kefir. I will write a couple of interesting recipes for derivatives of this mushroom. I will advise you how to store it better. As they say: "We read and remember." And it is better to save it in bookmarks and write comments with your opinion and experience.
27/03/2021 15:15

The best chefs of Russia, St. Petersburg and Moscow

The profession of a chef began to gain popularity. The restaurant business is actively developing in Russia, the number of public catering establishments is increasing, and more and more thematic TV shows are aired. To become a professional and qualify for a high salary, the chef needs to improve his professional skills and become better than others. But how to determine the best and whether it is right to do it, we will consider in this blog.
17/03/2021 15:05

Development of a menu for a restaurant, cafe, bar

What will the restaurant menu update bring you: losses or profits?
No matter how well your kitchen cooks, one day there comes a time when a regular guest suddenly stops coming to you. No, everything is very tasty, beautiful, high-quality, but ... you know, just got bored. I want something new, unusual, fashionable, and you always have the same thing.
And the guest leaves, and you, looking at the menu, which has not changed for two years, realize that in many ways he is right. Really, I'm bored.
17/02/2021 21:09

How to grow microgreens at home

Micro-village ― this is a new trend in food culture, it has softer and more delicate taste properties, contains 10 times more trace elements and vitamins, and therefore will be an excellent addition to any dish
17/02/2021 20:05

The use of micro-greenery

To answer the question of how to eat properly, it is worth thinking about what a healthy diet is. What is the use of micro-greenery? Simply put, it is a way of eating that ensures the healthy functioning of the entire human body, taking into account all its needs for the nutrients that it needs for proper functioning.
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