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28/02/2018 16:39

Culinary master class in St. Petersburg

A culinary master class in St. Petersburg is a symbiosis between an educational and entertainment event, an extremely useful, pleasant and informative way to spend time. I propose the organization of professional culinary master classes in the restaurant of St. Petersburg - more details can be found below.
25/02/2018 1:04

Development of the restaurant concept

The development of the concept of a restaurant can be a problem for a beginner without experience and knowledge. To get the detailed information about my services on development of the restaurant concept to order from scratch it is possible in the article.
15/02/2018 21:26

Master-class on bread baking

Master classes in recent years have become a fairly popular way to spend time and to pump their skills. I bring to your attention an exclusive master class on bread baking from a professional chef, contact me and find out all the details.
11/02/2018 14:51

Opening of the restaurant in St. Petersburg

Perhaps, in your heart, not the first year the dream of your whole life hovered - the opening of a restaurant in St. Petersburg. You worked hard, and, at last, were on the home stretch, starting to organize your very first restaurant business. Let's try to figure out with what difficulties a person who is busy opening a restaurant in St. Petersburg and how I can help in overcoming these difficulties can face.
31/01/2018 2:13

Master class in cooking in St. Petersburg

Together with me you can organize a master class on cooking. The article considers the details and nuances of holding such a master class in St. Petersburg, and here you will also find answers to frequently asked questions.
21/01/2018 2:58

Development of a menu for the restaurant from Roman Trusov

We offer an individual menu development for a restaurant, cafe or any other catering establishment. Cost, features and details you can find on the page
17/01/2018 14:55

Master class in molecular kitchen

A master class in molecular cuisine, along with chef Roman Trusov, is an amazing, informative, exciting event. On the site you will find all the details of the master class on molecular cuisine, as well as contacts for communication.
28/10/2017 12:14

A little bit about the molecular kitchen

Molecular cuisine only remotely resembles traditional cooking, only modern scientific approaches and technologies are used here.
14/09/2017 21:32

Briefly about molecular cuisine.

By combining the usual process of cooking with scientific knowledge, we will get a completely new direction in cooking - molecular cuisine.
09/09/2017 23:06

Chef André Chang

Il vasaio di Taiwan conquistò Singapore e Parigi con la sua cucina multi-cuisine. André Chang e la sua istituzione unica. Illusioni e capolavori gastronomici creati 10 minuti prima del deposito.
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