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14/12/2019 14:59

Interesting product

At our side you can find very useful and well-known products. Here I will write what is their use, when to collect and what can be cooked.
05/12/2019 16:58

Author's wine. Soul sealed in a bottle.

This blog is about the love of local product. In each bottle I sealed the work, time and creative positive. This is a positive energy that will pass to you with every SIP of my author's wine. I will describe in as much detail as possible how I made my magic product, where I collected raw materials, what tastes and smells can be caught trying my wine.
14/10/2019 19:26

How to determine who is the best chef

Recently, in every outstanding magazine, Internet sites and other media resources you can find an article about the best chef. All the time after such statements I had a question: "What is he better than others, how and who determined it?"What is behind the phrase 'best chef'? How to determine which theses? In my blog, consider this concept from different angles, I collected the TOP 10 chefs who won world-class competitions. Want to know who's the best? Read and leave comments with your opinion.
09/10/2019 22:16

Audit of the restaurant. What to pay attention to.

In my blog I will tell you what you should pay attention to when choosing a professional to audit a restaurant. Why you need it. What kinds happen, and what you get out. Why you need a marketing audit. Whether the institution needs the service "Secret guest", and what it is.
15/09/2019 9:37

Thursday Sol

"The discovery of a new dish is more important for humanity than the discovery of a new star."..You agree? Then especially for you, the eternal seeker in gastronomy-my new project Food Fish-Ka!
Forget about the standard dishes, simple flavors and established online recipes! An adventurous journey full of shocking gastronomic details awaits you. Let's go, today I will talk about Thursday's salt!
25/08/2019 23:02

Culinary master class from the chef: how not to be disappointed in it?

In the routine of working days, you need to think about how to relax, change the situation, gain strength for further work. After all, if you do not rest, do not be inspired - the efficiency drops. In this regard, I propose to consider the idea of a culinary master class. How to choose what to pay attention to, what are the differences - I'll tell you in this blog.
16/08/2019 18:02

Kitchen rules. The salary of an employee is determined by his / her professional skills.

Kitchen rules for the chef. My personal notes to help the chef organize work and gain respect. In this blog we will talk about the value of the employee. The salary of the cook is not the highest in comparison with other professions, but on what it depends and is formed.
12/08/2019 20:23

Teach cooks to appreciate someone else's work

Another kitchen rule for a chef. This time I will tell you about the position – washing dishes.Cooks often do not appreciate the work of their colleagues, and sometimes do not even think about their actions. In addition, cleanliness can never be, if it is not maintained. Is it worth giving the staff the right to choose why to make generalists from chefs and a lot of other useful information in this blog.
10/08/2019 23:14

Interested in the opinions of guests

I have always been of the opinion that the chef is the face of the restaurant, so his duties are not limited to cooking. Generation of ideas, creativity, implementation of seemingly incredible ideas in parallel with the current work and the solution of organizational issues - this is the life of the chief, hidden from the eyes of guests. People want to know who you are. And it is also important to know that their opinion or wish will be heard.
19/06/2019 23:12

Pay attention to the dishes, "coming" from the hall

There are times when guests of the restaurant are dissatisfied with the food, dishes partially, and sometimes completely remain on the plates. This is the first signal to think about the boss and quickly identify the cause. What to pay attention to, what measures to take, how to behave in such a situation. Another kitchen rule for chefs.
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