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10/03/2020 21:48

Audit of the restaurant

Removing restaurants from the crisis. Effective positioning of the restaurant in the current market situation. Changing the framework of the promotion concept and strategy. Process optimization. Development of anti- crisis promotion strategy
01/03/2020 23:51

Opening of the restaurant in St. Petersburg

Perhaps, in your heart, not the first year the dream of your whole life hovered - the opening of a restaurant in St. Petersburg. You worked hard, and, at last, were on the home stretch, starting to organize your very first restaurant business. Let's try to figure out with what difficulties a person who is busy opening a restaurant in St. Petersburg and how I can help in overcoming these difficulties can face.
29/02/2020 16:05

How to choose a garnet

Choose the right "grainy Apple", so called in ancient times juicy pomegranate fruits. In this blog, we will run through the main criteria for choosing this useful fruit
20/02/2020 19:08

To buy then if at the SPb or to grow

Then if the product is super useful, but on the table the guest is rare. And all because it is not often found in the supermarket, you can only buy it to order or ... grow it yourself! How do I do this if I don't have any experience in crop production? What factors should I pay attention to?
20/02/2020 00:48

Buy jam as a gift

Life is interesting as this jam. This slogan is attached to our craft product. Seemingly incompatible products open up new facets of combinations and taste solutions. You don't have to be a gourmet, just take a jar of our author's jam when you are going to visit, the topic of conversation is provided. Enjoy the new flavors and positivity that are sealed in a jar of our unusual jam.
08/02/2020 19:10

Recipes of molecular gastronomy and restaurants

The new direction of cooking – molecular cuisine-has become one of the world's brands, and the dishes that it offers should be tried by every gourmet and connoisseur of tastes.
28/01/2020 22:44

Author's refills and oils

A few words about the new oils and refills that have turned out this year from products collected at the dacha this fall.
25/01/2020 20:24

Molecular cuisine training

Molecular cuisine is perhaps the most exotic direction of culinary art. Each dish is designed to impress the mind with the discrepancy between what they see and what their taste buds transmit.
The film lying on the plate may well be meat, mysterious crystals-Sicilian orange, and the most delicate mousse will open on the tongue with the aroma of Borodino bread. The guest is lost in guessing what the chef has prepared until he tries the dish.
14/12/2019 14:59

Interesting product

At our side you can find very useful and well-known products. Here I will write what is their use, when to collect and what can be cooked.
05/12/2019 16:58

Author's wine. Soul sealed in a bottle.

This blog is about the love of local product. In each bottle I sealed the work, time and creative positive. This is a positive energy that will pass to you with every SIP of my author's wine. I will describe in as much detail as possible how I made my magic product, where I collected raw materials, what tastes and smells can be caught trying my wine.
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