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In support of the International Chef's Alliance is pleased to offer you the following services.

Opening gourmet restaurants from scratch

• Drawing up the general concept of institution;

• Develop menu in any direction and layout;

• Professional food photography;

• Search and selection of personnel, testing and training of cooks;

• Preparation of technological and calculation cards;

• Recommendations for suppliers;

• Create a project-dining restaurant;

• The selection and placement of equipment for the kitchen;

• Advertising in the pages of "Delicious newspaper";

• Development of marketing campaigns;

• Full support.


Individual training of molecular cuisine

Training takes place on your premises. Provided a certificate at the end of the course.

• Course fee: 70 000 rubles, excluding food, accommodation and flights.

Express Training molecular cuisine

Format lessons - individual, provided a certificate at the end of the course.

• The cost of the course - 30 000 rubles, without food, accommodation and flights.

• Duration - 8 hours.


 Training takes place in the format skype-consultations. With the advice you will be able to understand the intricacies of communication with investors and find a common language, learn to organize and motivate staff. Also, online-training provides analysis of new technologies and the effects of molecular cuisine, as well as a detailed analysis of two of your favorite recipes.

• Tuition - 1500 rubles per 1 hour of communication.

Chefs Preparing for competitions

Individual approach to suit all needs.

• Cost is discussed.

Group workshops on molecular cuisine

Workshops on Molecular cuisine are held in groups of 10 people. During the master-class processes and understand all the subtleties of cooking three dishes of molecular gastronomy, and then tasting.

• Cost - 5000 rubles per person.

other services

• The organization of major events and forums;

• Criticism of restaurants;

• Carving for celebrations, exhibitions and events;

• Consulting in the regions and countries of the CIS;

• Protection of the rights and legal support chefs and catering professionals;

Education abroad;

• Tours of the wineries of France, gastronomic excursions with Russian-speaking guide;

• Drawing up individual menus, the development of diets, fitness and power supply systems for expectant mothers.

And you can order and purchase:

• Cakes to order any complexity;

• handmade chocolates with a logo;

• Knives for carving high quality;

• Cases for knives;

• Form for chefs and textile products to order;

• Metal shape of any geometry;

• kitchen equipment;

• Elite alcohol directly from factories in France.

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All welcome. @cook_alliance with partners: @vkusnaya_gazeta @gastrostories_spb @romantrusov @gastrostories_spb_ launches the question-answer rubric. You can ask a question in a video format on a culinary theme, recipes, organization, menu, service ... The question should be clearly formed and recorded on mobile for up to 30 seconds. You can send it to Vatsap 89062256597. Answers and questions will be uploaded to Instagram @cook_alliance waiting for interesting questions. # Peter # St. Petersburg # Question Answer # Cook # Chef # Recipes # Restaurants # Cooking # How to Lose Weight # How to Prepare # SPb # Open Restaurant # Menu Week # Menu Restaurants # Molecular Kitchen # Recipe happiness Author's site is ready to help in opening or reanimation of the restaurant.

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