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Author's salt from Food-fish-ka

What is interesting about our author's salt?
This is a blend of Crimean pink salt brought from Lake Sasyk-Sivash with natural herbs, spices and other products.
Crimean pink salt is a unique natural treasure that is mined on the Crimean peninsula. This salt has a delicate pink color and has exceptional taste and medicinal properties. It is formed as a result of evaporation of seawater under the influence of the sun and wind, which makes it environmentally friendly and natural.
Pink salt is very rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and iodine, which are essential for human health. It also contains a large number of trace elements that provide its unique aroma and taste. Due to these properties, Crimean pink salt is ideal for cooking various dishes, from meat and fish to vegetable and fruit.
The use of pink salt is not limited to cooking. It is widely used in cosmetology, medicine and even in aromatherapy. In cosmetology, pink salt is used for skin care, including to combat cellulite, as well as to strengthen and grow hair. In medicine, it is used to treat and prevent various diseases, such as diseases of the joints, cardiovascular system and digestive problems.
Crimean pink salt is mined in several places on the Black Sea coast. The most famous of them are Lake Sasyk-Sivash and salt lake Inderborskoye.
The pink color of the salt is due to the content of microorganisms in it, which turn the salt pink. These microorganisms live in salt water and feed on algae, which also turn salt pink.
These microorganisms are called “pink halophilic bacteria". They live in salt lakes and seas and play an important role in the formation of pink salt.
Extraction of Crimean pink salt occurs as follows: first, seawater evaporates under the influence of the sun, then the remaining water flows into special pools, where it evaporates completely. After that, the salt is collected and sent for processing.
Lake Sasyk-Sivash has a pink color because of the algae that breed in the lake. These algae secrete a pigment that turns the water pink.
The peak algal bloom in Lake Sasyk-Sivash occurs in the summer months.
What is the difference between the Author's salt from Food-fish-ka and ordinary salt?
Pink salt from Lake Sasyk-Sivash differs from ordinary salt in that it contains a pink pigment that gives it a pink color. This pigment is formed as a result of the vital activity of microorganisms living in the salt water of the lake. In addition, pink salt contains more minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to health.
Salt is important in the history of mankind, as it was one of the first products that people began to use to preserve food. Salt was also used as currency, especially in ancient civilizations such as Rome and Greece. In medieval Europe, salt was so expensive that workers in salt mines received high salaries and had special privileges. In some countries, such as India, salt is still subject to taxation.
Craft salt is a new gastronomic fetish! In just a couple of years, salt has turned from an everyday product into an art object, cult and collectible.
Reduce the quantity, but increase the quality! Life is too short to use commonplace salt. Choose a conceptual one, prepared according to the author's recipes from exclusively natural ingredients.
Craft salt is a sign of involvement in high gastronomy: one pinch will add new unexpected flavors to long–familiar dishes. This is a product that is interesting to experiment with, surprise and be surprised by.
Sprinkle the butter with craft salt, add to the dough, season a salad or a hot dish, you will see: "It's all about the salt!"
Craft salt is an amazing and useful gift that will take pride of place in any kitchen!
Champagne-based salt with gold and verbena
Salt is the alchemy and wisdom of ancient peoples. For thousands of years, priests have been creating potions for various purposes based on salt. The Celts prepared a love drink from salt and verbena, which also protected against evil spirits. The Celts believed that verbena could fulfill any wish, it was enough to inhale its fragrance. Verbena enhances mental activity and stimulates appetite. Verbena is considered an astrologically subordinate herb to the goddess of love Venus. And love and champagne are always somewhere nearby.
Food Fish craft salt based on champagne, with gold and verbena - gastronomic in taste, aristocratic in hue and romantic in temperament!
Craft salt with green and "opal" (purple) basil
The Romans called basil the "king of herbs." It was believed that this plant could give immortality, help conquer the elements of air and water. In the Middle Ages, basil was a symbol of inexhaustible love. Healers brewed love potions based on it. The mystical properties of basil were studied by scientists of the Third Reich. Basil has been proven to stimulate the mind, enhance performance, relieve stress and boost sexual energy. This is easy to believe, considering that basil contains many useful substances: vitamins C, B2, P, carotene, potassium, magnesium, manganese, rutin. "Whoever chews basil lives a long time!" they say in the Caucasus.
To create craft salt, we use only fresh shoots of two types of basil: green and "opal". Each of the varieties has a special palette of flavors: from spicy peppery to sweet vanilla. All of them are carefully preserved in jars of Food Fish salt.
Craft salt with basil Food Fish will transform a banal vegetable salad or a simple egg dish in a matter of seconds, add piquancy to fish dishes, make the taste of fried or stewed meat, cheese soup or mushroom stew more expressive. It is an excellent seasoning for homemade pickles, dough and even... cocktails. It's so simple – a pinch of salt of Food Fish and no one else will ever tell you that you don't know how to cook!
"Indian red salt" (chili) with "Prometheus herb" (dill)
No, it's not salt! This is the "hormone of happiness"! The chili pepper included in its composition enhances blood circulation and promotes the production of endorphins in the body. This means that a state of mild gastronomic euphoria during a meal is provided for you. Chili is called "Indian red salt". The Aztecs believed that chili had magical powers to suppress the will of other people. Whether this is true or not, we do not know! However, we guarantee that dishes seasoned with craft salt with chili and dill will conquer your family and friends! This blend reveals a unique mosaic of aromas: it's like memories of summer adventures on a soulful autumn evening. Where extravagant chili is an adventure, and fragrant dill is summer. Being an adventurer, at least in cooking, is easy - along with Food Fish-ka!
Salt based on homemade soy sauce of natural fermentation with garlic
In addition to the four main flavors (salty, bitter, sour, sweet), a fifth is distinguished in cooking – "umami". Umami enhances the perception of the dish by the receptors of the tongue, emphasizes each ingredient, giving it a bright and rich taste. This effect is very difficult to achieve. We succeeded! Do you want to feel umami? Try the Food Fish-ka craft salt with garlic, created on the basis of homemade soy sauce of natural fermentation. We prepare this natural sauce with a clean, light, subtle, slightly sweet taste by fermenting steamed soybeans and lightly fried wheat grains. The process is very laborious and time-consuming: it takes 18 weeks to comply with the entire recipe. Natural soy sauce contains a record number of antioxidants.
Using a special technology and in a certain proportion, we mix soy sauce with the legendary pink Crimean salt, and then add garlic. It adds piquancy and balances the taste of all the ingredients. This is how "umami" is born.
Salt with the "breath of life"
Blend: orange, thyme (thyme)
It seems that all the steppe herbs are collected in a jar of this craft salt. The key ingredient of the powerful, alluring aromatic spectrum is thyme (thyme), which gives the blend a characteristic herbal bitterness. The name of this plant translates from Greek as "breath of life". It was believed that it gives people strength and courage. Images of thyme twigs were often decorated with weapons, in the Middle Ages – knight's armor. The juiciness, sweetness, freshness of the taste and aroma of craft salt are given by the juice and zest of wild orange. The author's seasoning Food Fish-ka will add flavor to meat, poultry and fish dishes. It will be a wonderful gift both for those who are gurus in the art of cooking, and for those who are just beginning to master it.
Salt on young blueberries
The choice of true gourmets: volcanic color, mushroom flavor, earthy aromatics. This type of craft salt acquires unique taste properties as a result of special heat treatment: the salt languishes for a long time with mushrooms in the oven, gradually absorbing all the mushroom aromatics. Craft salt on young podberezovik Food Fish-ka is universal, it can be added to completely different dishes: from scrambled eggs to lasagna. And it's also a great gastronomic gift, because everyone loves mushrooms!
Salt with aloe
A new food product in France is aloe pulp. Aloe is added to desserts, ice cream, fortified cream, fruit and vegetable smoothies. Following the fashionable European trend, we have created... craft salt with aloe. It turned out to be an interesting balance of flavors based on contrast: soft flakes of lake salt, pleasant bitterness, the aroma of fresh herbs.
The seasoning has a unique property of influencing the texture of dishes, significantly improving it, and in addition makes food as healthy as possible: aloe contains 20 of the 22 amino acids necessary for humans and many vitamins.
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