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My menu is a symbiosis of love for the traditions of the Russian people and respect for the cultures of other countries. Each recipe is unique because it carries a story. I cook with love for products that embody human work and passion. My philosophy is to perfect the best. The best that people have created over the centuries. In my work I combine the classics of cooking with innovative technologies, because I believe that you always need to move forward . I love what I do, I give food energy and love, and I hope it will be close to everyone .

Start-up restaurants of different gastronomic orientation (Italian, pan-Asian, European, Mediterranean, molecular cuisine).

Proven successful experience in foreign projects (France, Israel - opening restaurants).

Organization of effective work of restaurants at hotels, taking into account the specifics of the sphere.

Catering of the first persons of the state.

Bringing restaurants out of the crisis. Effective positioning of the restaurant in the current market situation. Changing the framework of the concept and promotion strategy. Process optimization. Development of anti-crisis promotion strategy.

Development of the scenario and carrying out gastronomic shows, festivals.

Offsite events (catering) of any subject and scale: from private holidays to public celebrations.

Creation and management of a grocery store: the formation of the concept, bringing the brand to the market, the range of products, delivery scheme, sales strategy.

Management-management of restaurants, casinos.

Professional competitions - as a participant (prizes) and coach (prizes).

Own projects: "international Chef Alliance", "Tasty newspaper", private farm production: apiary, home cheese factory, quail farm.

Knowledge and perfect knowledge of all gastronomic directions. One of the key areas of specialization is molecular cuisine (dish concepts, innovative technological processes, design of non - standard designs for serving dishes, gastronomic shows-flying dishes, luminous fluorescent dishes, liquid nitrogen, etc.).)

Sense of style in gastronomy. Work to unlock the potential of the product: widely used and delicatessen. Careful study of not only the taste, but also the aesthetics of the dish, its presentation.

The presence of a diploma sommelier. Preparation of the wine list. Choice of suppliers. Training of personnel in this area. Formation of a bunch of menus and wine lists, gastronomic couples.

Concept development menu in accordance with the direction of the project and beyond Foodcost: minimizing costs and maintaining the cost of meals, monitoring activities of competitors, identify current culinary trends, developing successful marketing strategy, the introduction of "gross" and "fashion" items in menu, preparation of routings, calculation of the effective price policy, creating layouts, the "selling" menu, quality control and standardization of meals, scheduling updates menu, the introduction of relevant seasonal proposals.

Optimization of restaurant costs: planning of kitchen and utility rooms, selection of favorable suppliers for the restaurant, analysis of purchased equipment and inventory, arrangement of equipment, optimization of production processes.

Personnel: search and selection of the team "from scratch", personnel testing, training, control of the sous-chef and chefs. Implementation of an effective scheme to reduce the cost of the payroll. Creation and implementation of internal standards aimed at developing the team and improving the quality of the project as a whole. Development of employee motivation and promotion program.

Record keeping within the framework of its activities. Conducting inventories.

Audit. Sales analysis.

Deep knowledge of marketing, sales techniques, guest psychology.

Effective work in conjunction with the PR-Manager of the restaurant: organization of photo shoots, development of loyalty programs for guests, creation of selling content for social services.networks, forming a grid of partners, programs to increase the average check, etc

Established business contacts with media representatives, restaurant reviewers, bloggers, opinion leaders, trend-setters.

Professional food photography.

Events.  Planning the actual event-component of the restaurant. Creation of the schedule and development of the theme of events in accordance with the concept of the restaurant. Holidays, festivals, workshops, tastings, events for media and bloggers. Search for contractors, partners, sponsors. Working with guests at the event. Efficiency analysis. 

3rd place-Bocuse d'or Moscow 2015 coach.

2nd place - "Baltic culinary star" black box. Saint-Petersburg. Two thousand ten

3rd place - "Pomegranate dish" St. Petersburg. Two thousand nine

3rd place - "Baltic culinary star" St. Petersburg.  Two thousand nine

1st place - "Aquamarine dish" St. Petersburg. Two thousand eight

1st place - "Golden Kulina 2007" St. Petersburg.

1st place among the vocational schools. Rybinsk. One thousand nine hundred ninety eight

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