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Gastronomic casino by Roman Trusov

A game in which the maximum excitement, minimum rules and the only value - it's food.
An immersive show of gastronomic illusions: a set of 5 dishes, the composition of the ingredients and the method of preparation of which is almost impossible to unravel. 
Listen to your feelings, guess the main ingredient of the dish, make a bet and maybe you will beat the famous chef.
Rule # 1. 
"Passion in the game is stronger than passion in love." /Japanese proverb/ 
At the gaming table of the gastronomic casino everything is as realistic as possible: the dealer, bets, chips, winnings. 
Rule # 2.
"Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity." /Coco Chanel/ 
Only 10 participants. 
The atmosphere is private. 
Dress-code: Black & tie. 
Rule # 3.
Haute Cuisine
"The only way to become smarter is to play with a stronger opponent" /Emmanuel Lasker/ 
The side of the casino is represented by the chef of international level, winner and jury member of professional competitions, adept of molecular cuisine Roman Trusov. Each of his dishes is an appeal to the mind, imagination, emotions of the guest. It's a provocation and break the pattern. His goal-to create a sensory and gastronomic quest to unravel that players will have to use all the senses.  
Rule # 4.
"Those who can afford gambling don't need money." Gastronomic casino - for those who feel more important than money. A narrow circle of like-minded people, for whom gastronomy is a fetish, drive and essence. You're one? Then - 
challenge the casino!
The scheme of the evening.
* Welcome. At the entrance, each player receives chips. Additional during the game can be bought from the dealer. 
* Guests of the evening will be placed at the table with the installed playing field. 
* Gastronomic dinner of 5 courses in the format of blind tasting. The task is to guess the main ingredient of the dish. Make a bet. 
* Compliance with the rules is monitored by the dealer.
• After the bets are placed, the dealer opens the envelope with the correct answer, sums up the round and gives the winnings. 
* At the end of the game: exposure-presentation from the chef. 
* At the end of the evening: shop-salon from sponsors, where the won chips can be exchanged for wines, cognacs, cigars, gourmet products.
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