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Gastronomic casino from food_fish_ka

Hi all. My name is Roman. Today we celebrate Marina Mikhailovna’s birthday, I wish our twenty-year-old beauty love and happiness! And you, dear guests, I invite you to play a game with me. In front of you are dishes numbered with a letter with a certain color. For each letter there is a sealed envelope, which contains a word with a product that is included in this dish. Your task is to guess this product. You have three attempts, which you can write on a special card. Then put the card opposite the letter where the dish was and cover the card with a chip or chips for which you are ready to play with me. If the products match, you win and get double your winnings. If they do not match, the chip you bought is returned to me. The price of one chip is 1000₽. How many chips to buy and play is up to you. The opening of envelopes with results will take place exactly at 21:40. By the way, the letters were not chosen by chance; they make up the message. Bon appetit and welcome to the blind tasting from food_fish_ka
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