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Without which it can not do the chef? Toolbox.

Needless to say, most importantly, what should own chef - it is certain personal qualities? It is important that the chef had the gift of leadership, could lead people to organize them and win respect. Without this aspect of becoming a chef is not possible, even if all the other points made perfectly. Naturally, as the chef should ideally know their job, have imagination and aesthetic taste, patience and a great eye estimation.
So, we outline acquainted with the necessary personal qualities of the chef, now go to the tools. You probably know that the knife - this is the main tool to fully characterize its owner, which is why a good knife so often becomes a source of pride chef. I will not go into the details of the selection of a knife, but I personally do not recommend to buy knives and sets in questionable places. It is best to visit a specialty store and pick up where "his" knife that will suit you perfectly. Personally, I use Japanese forged knives designed specifically for professionals, so I can confidently recommend them to you. Of course, these tools are not cheap - often the cost of a knife can be up to $ 1,000, but, believe me, it's worth it.
So, what should be the arsenal of the chef? Besides knives, you will need other tools, a set of which will depend on the direction in which you are working. In my arsenal there is a siphon, I never get around without tools - silicone mat, weights and truffle laser thermometer. Furthermore, during operation, always at me powders molecular dishes and set essential oils. For all this, you will need a bag, and here I do not recommend to save. Remember that a true professional never expects that the employer will provide it with all necessary, so better to take care of the instruments themselves.
Of course, your personal set of tools can be strikingly different from mine, but I have listed the basic things.
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