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Automation of restaurants, price monitoring.

Since the acquisition of one station and printer with the software the most convenient iiko system from the manufacturer would cost 273,170 rubles. Plus Monthly fee for the cloud in 2450 rubles. Of this amount, the company asks iiko 127350 rubles for equipment 70950 rubles for software and 74870 rubles for installation and training. I confess that for me this software is one of the most successful in comparison with others. He would put it not in a restaurant and think in terms of convenience, this is understandable system. But the value exceeds the limit. There are "clipped iiko» from another vendor with a finite sum of 141,453 rubles plus 5,000 rubles per month subscription fee, supposedly, the cloud and support. 59970 rubles for want of equipment from this amount. It is, however, very different from the official distributor. 63990 rubles for software and 17493 for the installation.
In this system, too, had to work, it is not comfortable having enough minuses made sure not to chefs. Price install R-Keeper V7 cost 291400 rubles. Of these, 121900 rubles equipment, software 112500 and 57000 rubles installation and training. The program has long been on the market, and probably therefore such high prices. Although there was already a lot more comfortable counterparts.
This system has its advantages, the third giant in the restaurant business automation market. Unlike its competitors in the final amount I put 241700 rubles per Tillypad XL F + BS. The equipment counted on 135100 rubles, software 55,000 rubles and 51,600 rubles for training and installation.
The offer for this automation system has turned out to 260,680 rubles. 134,800 rubles equipment 80680 RUB program 45200 rubles training. Did not work in practice with this system, it was possible only to visit the presentation. The general impression of indifference, not very easy to use interface but there is probably a matter of habit. To be honest, to my bar I would not put such a system.
Just got to my monitor and program of Jupiter for 203,350 rubles. Of these, like 91950 rubles for equipment for the program irubley 65600 and 45800 rubles training. I did not work in practice with this system, so I can not say about it.
In my opinion the program is designed specifically for accountants, where any normal chef leg break is will understand what is the true meaning. But the price of the issue turned out 136,750 rubles plus 6870 rubles per month subscription fee. 97,750 rubles equipment 39,000 rubles program, 4,800 rubles a month support. Putting in a restaurant such a system, I think is not very reasonable, except that clings to some extent, a small saving.
An alternative system for the automation of restaurant chefs.
This is my design, made specifically for chefs and head of production. The system allows you to easily control the flow of products, to track the real balances on production. For there is no need to install additional equipment. Work is carried out via the Internet at any convenient time. Price starts from functional 2000rub month. The program is an indispensable additional tool for monitoring residues.
It is clear that if you want to maintain a transparent business, track quality statistics to take into account the correct balances of raw materials it is better to put the already-proven system. If a small institution and want to save, you can try to understand themselves in the system and save hundreds on other equipment, installation, in fact quite the fiscal system and accounting software that can buy or develop for themselves for other money, but this time ..
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