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What the chef at the shortage? Or correct automation restaurant and accounting products.

Often there are situations when an investor tries to close by the chef full access to the automation system of the restaurant, arguing that if the boss knows the numbers, he can correct data in its favor when removing food residue. In this case, when the shortage comes out, unproven blamed it on the kitchen, and the staff in knowing "krysyatnichestve" and theft in the restaurant. Accountant calculator with the same joy calculates tsiferki with zeros of the cooks salary without feeling their responsibility measures. And sometimes, in some cases, this is done deliberately by the investor recommendations, having no desire to pay the accumulated bonuses to personnel. After all, the larger the amount, the less you want to part with it. Let me remind you that the products are in stock when removing residues, provided weight distribution does not coincide with the actual. That is, there will always be differences in the system of real numbers. If getting to zero is greater than 10% is podzadumatsya whether podkrucheny figures.
The reasons for the shortage in the kitchen can be a lot, ranging from the wrong tunes overhead or cancellation of acts accountant calculator to incorrect TTC. Theft in the kitchen, do not write off the data in the program for cleaning and many other reasons banal sloppiness. Therefore, when large volumes at the end of the month sometimes looking at the collation statement, the error is very difficult to find.
Automation of restaurants. What the chef in order to avoid unpleasant situations after the results of the shortage in the kitchen?
1. To have full access to the restaurant automation system and more to look at the numbers. If it gets minus respond quickly and find the cause as soon as possible. It plays a big role.
2. To double accounting. It suffices to use an alternative program Online restaurant automation without spending huge amounts of money and to compare the figures with the main system. Keeping your accounting always gives extra confidence and order. An example of an alternative automation restaurant, examples and principles of operation can be found here.
3. Periodically spot verification residues. Check the acts elaboration products, TTK.
The advantages of the alternative restaurant automation system.
My accounting system storage products are very easy to use, and designed taking into account all the pros and cons of other analogs, specifically for chefs and head of production. Here are the main advantages of this restaurant automation system:
1. To work in the automation program of the restaurant, is enough to have at your fingertips access to the Internet, and the numbers that need to be recorded in the database. You can work even with the phone.
2. Incredibly low price, just from 2000 rubles per month subscription fee.
3. In my program there is nothing extra for cleaning, easy to understand, easy to use interface.
4. You can enter data in a convenient time chef.
5. The ability to give a password to access the trustee to enter data into the restaurant automation system.
6. The ability to conveniently order products calculation on the event. It is enough to drive the number of servings and my restaurant automation generate a list of products by category, where, from whom to buy and how much it will take money.
7. If there is no time for entering the starting TTC base system can make it for you quickly, our operators.
8. When the product goes into the minus line is highlighted, the automation program is immediately signaled to the restaurant that you need to pay attention.
9. User-friendly search and data entry.
As you can see this is a handy tool in the work and the additional control in the kitchen for the chef.
Rates for an alternative restaurant automation system
In order to be a partner and to work in this system by clicking on one of the following tariffs:
1. The tariff "Independent" - 2000 rubles per month. The price includes access to the system. It is assumed independent filling matrix products and the TTC.
2. Tariff "Ready-base" - 3000 rubles per month. Payment of a lump sum for the year ahead. Either 14,000 rubles for the first installment, the remaining months of 2000 rubles. It is supposed the initial filling of the matrix products and the TTC. Your task will be to fill in the time convenient for you, and the write-off of current income bill.
3. Tariff "All Inclusive" - ​​6000 rubles per month. Payment of a lump sum for the year ahead, or the initial payment 17000rubley, the rest of the month following 5000rubley. The rate includes a weekly application of your data into the system. You get a ready-made reports with the data to your email when necessary, or they themselves see the numbers in the system.
4. Tariff "curated" - 25,000 rubles per month. It is supposed the initial filling of the matrix products and the TTC. Weekly entering your data into the system. Weekly departure on production for the recommendations in the formulation of the system of organization of work. Training with the kitchen staff. It operates within the Leningrad region.
How it works? Functionality and performance of alternative systems of automation of the restaurant on the tariff "Independent" can be viewed here.
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