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Author's wine. Soul sealed in a bottle.

This is my new product. In each milliliter - my mood, time, experience. The energy of nature will be transmitted with each SIP of the author's wine. It's about the soul.
 And then-a few details about the production technology, the intricacies of processing and profitable combinations.
About the harvest.
The location of the harvest is the village of Lavrovo in the Leningrad region. A good location away from roads makes it possible to grow a "clean" product.
In 2019, I collected twice as much chokeberry compared to previous years. The harvest surpassed not only quantitative indicators, but also qualitative ones. According to measurements, in the initial wort sugar content was 20g/dm3. For the original product of Rowan, this is a worthy result. For example, the same amount of sugar can be found in grape must.
About technology.
Strict compliance with the temperature regime of fermentation at 25°C in tanks of the latest modification with hydraulic locks.
A specially equipped room for processing is located on the same plot of land where the berries ripen. Therefore, raw materials were processed quickly. All natural qualities of mountain ash are kept to the maximum.
And dark glass bottles and real wine corks will keep the taste for a long time.
About The Slogan.
To create a slogan I held a contest on Instagram in accounts
Of the many options offered, this one was chosen- " You, me and it... Wine." The winner received as a gift the author's Golden salt on champagne with vervain of my brand "FoodFishKa".
For a romantic evening offer:
Author's wine from chokeberry with mint.
Semi-dry, moderately tannic, strength 16%. The colour is ruby - red. The taste is structured, thick, rich with a long aftertaste of tart mint. Subtle notes of dried berries, wildflowers and Apple. Impressive saturation, competently combined with elegant acidity.  
Gastronomic couple.
This option is ideal for hard aged cheese with author's beet jam, lychee, raspberry, grilled duck breast, pine nuts, arugula with ginger - citrus dressing and strawberries, filet Mignon steak.
Author's wine on chokeberry with chili and cinnamon.
Semi-dry, a fortress of 16 %. The aroma is Apple - berry with pronounced spicy shades and notes of spices. Powerful, rich, bright taste, balanced sharpness with aroma of cinnamon and berries. Long aftertaste. The colour is ruby - red.
Gastronomic couple.
Roasted almonds, dogwood, author's jam "chili pineapple", mozzarella, hot smoked bream, Turkey pate, prunes. 
Author's wine on chokeberry with cranberries and cucumber.
Dessert wine, 16% strength. The colour is ruby-red . Fresh bouquet with pronounced berry tones. The aroma has subtle notes of barberry. Dense invigorating taste of green Apple, spicy bitterness, light astringency, notes of fresh cucumber in a duet with lingonberries come to the fore.  Pleasant aftertaste.
Gastronomic couple.
Blue cheese with mold, juicy melon, green olives, chicken parfait with crispy potato chips, thin slices of cured lamb, raspberries, author's syrup on viburnum with rustic butter and freshly baked wheat bread . 
Author's wine on black currant.
Dry, the alcohol level of 12%. The color is rich red. Light leather notes in the aroma, balanced acidity. A slight aftertaste. 
Gastronomic couple.
Quail on the coals, aged cheese, beef jerky, cheese pies, chicken pate with fresh rye bread. 
The game is limited, there will be no repeat. Do you want to try new non-trivial combinations?
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The price for bottle 4750r.
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