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Chokeberry: properties and recipes

Chokeberry - a small shrub or tree height of 1 to 2 meters. Leaves plant resemble a cherry leaf. The branches are collected at 10-30 pieces into small florets-shields. Fruits are sweet, slightly sour and astringent. Use it fresh as well as dried, making jam, jam, jam.
Beneficial features
rowan berries contain many vitamins and minerals. The composition includes manganese, fluoride, iron, boron, copper, as well as glucose, saccharose and tannin. Eating foods from chokeberry, you normalize blood pressure, strengthens blood vessels, improves its elasticity and get rid of cholesterol.
Pectin contained in the berries, rid the body of heavy metals and hazardous radioactive substances. Rowan has a positive effect on digestion and appetite. Berries help in liver and kidney. fruit is often used for patients with diabetes, a variety of allergic conditions and diseases of the thyroid.
Where and when to collect chokeberry?
Collect berries should last decade of August. Collection continues to the end of September. Berry also available for collection after the first frost when fruits are different sweet taste. It grows in wet, sandy and loamy soils. He loves peat lands, tolerates little soil contamination. It grows among the taller trees. To gather a mountain ash, cut off an umbrella with a sharp knife or shears.
Berries are stored for a long time. At zero temperature can lie all winter. To dry the berries, fruit peel from the stalks, perform sorting, removing damaged items. Wash the fruit, put on a towel and let them dry. Spread a thin layer on a tray and expose to fresh air. At night be sure, store the tray in the room. It can be dried in an oven, it is necessary to put the pan with the berries by 35-40 degrees. Readiness check by clicking on the fruit - berry juice should not be allocated.
Recipe jam Aronia
Take 1 kg of fruit, 1.5 kg of sugar and 300 ml of water. Prepare the sugar syrup, the sugar dissolved in boiling water. scalded with boiling water berries pour this syrup, move and leave a towel for 6-8 hours. Again, bring the jam to a boil, then cool. Repeat the procedure several times. Jam spread out along the banks. Store in the refrigerator.
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