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Daniel Hamm
What is the strength of the boss?
The restaurant «Eleven Madison Park» in New York has become the place where Daniel can show their creative nature to the fullest. When his life was a choice between professional sports and culinary art, he preferred the kitchen and guessing. His career was swift and successful. Moving from Switzerland to America turned out triumphant. "The American Dream", which dream of all indigenous people of the state, was embodied talented Swiss chef.
What are its strengths? Youth, hard work and talent. The ability to take food and flavor combinations that people have used for centuries, adding only one ingredient to make your meal a wonderful and indescribably delicious.
Daniel leads an active life, playing sports, and has two children, and prepares delicious meals.
Way to success
The guy from the Swiss countryside began to study the cause of the chef with 14 years. Trained future famous chef in an institution «Baur au Lag». The first star restaurant, where he was fortunate to work «Le Pont de Brent» (3 Michelin stars).
Then, Daniel worked in the Alps, the restaurant «Gusthaus zum Gupf», where he received his first Michelin star and the title of "Culinary discovery of Switzerland."
 Once, a talented chef went to conquer America. When Hamm worked in San Francisco (chef «Campton Place»), was awarded four stars «San-Francisco Chronicle». After three years, the culinary maestro moved to New York, becoming the chief «Eleven Madison Park». Now Hamm is also the owner of the establishment. He recently opened another restaurant, which is called the "Nomad". Simple and hearty cuisine attracts the visitors from various countries.
Perfection dishes
Hamm has already sent back in time before his favorite molecular the kitchen and reached for the ease of cooking and serving dishes.
Elegantly and simply looks like a snack "Eggs Benedict with cauliflower, ham and caviar."
Salad "Waldorf" is prepared in front of guests. In a deep wooden plate cook mixes celery root, apple, berries and nuts. During preparation, it tells the story of this dish.
Most of the dishes names immediately explain their structure. For example, the "Duck with apple slices and mashed cabbage leaf" or "lobster with creamy mousse and chestnuts."
• The first Michelin star received them in the age of 24
• Twice awarded the prestigious «James Beard Awords»
• The best young chef by the magazine «Food & Wine»
• Award «Rising Star Awods» by the magazine «Star»
• Best American Chef of the year according to the «James Beard Awords» Prize
Food Philosophy Daniel Hamm
Daniel Hamm prefer slow cooking and only the freshest farm products. Neatness and cleanliness in the kitchen, simplicity and elegance in cooking. So his mother taught, and he tries to carry out its mandate. Prepare delicious, simple and with a twist, choosing the best traditional products - that's food philosophy of the famous chef.
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