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Do changes in the positions

Since we are talking about increasing the value of each member of your team, it would be strange to ignore another opportunity that you can easily apply to their activities. Tip a valuable and incredibly easy, so I hope you will begin to use it as soon as possible (or at least take on a note to the time when he will become the chief, if suddenly you have not yet risen to the post). So:
Do changes in the positions of the kitchen, to add value to each of the employees and create a team of generalists.
This rule is applied in practice, you will open new horizons for you - head and all places of employees. First and foremost, of course, periodic permutation allows to give each of your subordinates the opportunity to look at their work and the work of other team members from a different angle, personally to visit in the shoes of each of them and take note of some little things about which he had previously not even thought . The result will be an absolute understanding and support, and this is not the last point, if your goal is a quality «teamwork».
Others, perhaps, the most important consequence of the application of this rule - the development of employees. The person who receives the new knowledge, passes them through the prism of their consciousness and experience, links to past skills and achievements and as a result becomes a much more valuable employee. In addition, in itself a work process becomes dynamic and interesting - you must agree, where amusement to learn something new, every day than mechanically fulfill hateful, routine actions. Of course, the employee can develop himself in the kitchen, but it is a special scenario, so that you, as the boss, have to push him to do, and motivate.
You, as the leader of all this, you can remove a lot of benefits - versatile employees are valuable for the institution, because at any moment they can lean on and to work qualitatively and in confectionery, and in the cold and in the hot shop. They do not confuse forced rearrangement - in both time and cardinal.
 And, of course, will not pass in vain for the changes in the positions of employee skills - in other positions, he will be able to learn new techniques and tricks, get a new one for the experience and apply it in their core business.
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