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Titanium dioxide in cooking

About Titanium Dioxide, we often used to hear in connection with any process, and only a few know that it is used as a food additive under the symbol E171. Let's see what this substance is and what it should be.
Titanium dioxide production
The starting materials for the production - this ore and minerals rutile and brookite. This industrial process is very complex. In a nutshell, there are two basic ways to produce the substance. One of them consists in dissolving titanium in sulfuric acid, and other - in the creation of conditions for the reaction with chlorine gas. The source can be either ilmenite concentrate or titanium tetrachloride.
Titanium dioxide: Composition
Basically it consists of titanium dioxide, white lead, and various impurities.
E 171 Titanium dioxide is most often represented colorless crystals. Just warming up, it can take on a yellowish tint. Occasionally titanium dioxide additive has the composition indicated in a titanium white. This is another name that reveals the essence of the additives. Yes, it is a dye or bleach - titanium dioxide pigment is added to the food for a partial or full lightening dyeing white.
Titanium dioxide: application
Chefs love it for the stability of the white pigment. This additive is always behaves well-defined way. Cooks added E171 in the following products:
• chocolate;
• sauces;
• Caramel;
• jams;
• glaze;
• fish and seafood.
A simple recipe for how to make the perfect chocolate white:
1. Melt cocoa butter or white chocolate to a temperature of 35 C.
2. Add the titanium oxide powder and stir well.
Important! Remember that the material is better to breed in the warm weight.
Titanium dioxide: how to add
The standard dosage for food, which is necessary to give the white color and the minimum - 0.1-1%. To 200 g of chocolate and confectionery products take a little longer: 5-6 grams.
Titanium dioxide: where to buy
Usually titanium dioxide powder produced in large commercial quantities. It is packed in bulk, but you can buy small portions (100-200 g) for cooking. One of the largest plants of its production is located in Ukraine.
You can easily buy the titanium dioxide in the pharmacy, order online or from the manufacturer.
Titanium dioxide: properties and effects on the body
One of the main properties of the substance is that it does not dissolve in water, and even a fat acids. Hence, the question often arises: how to breed titanium dioxide. Typically, it is mixed with the product during cooking.
The additive tends not to accumulate in the human body, usually derived through the intestine and is not absorbed.
Nowhere is the permissible daily norm supplements. Some sources claim that experiments on rats yielded negative results - the additive may be a carcinogen. But the negative impact on the human body of convincing evidence so far is not. Scientists continue to study its effect on the body.
It is not recommended to use products with this dye to people with weakened immune systems.
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