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Gastronomic dinner in St. Petersburg

Where are the gastronomic dinners
Events are held in various institutions of St. Petersburg, it can be as usual bars, restaurants and original space with catering companies. For example, a gastronomic dinner is held not necessarily in the restaurant, but also on the roof, in the center of the city with views of St. Isaac's Cathedral, or in the countryside, at the lake in the camping area.
Example gastronomic dinner
Entree of acute eggplant with tomatoes and cheese. Served with a cold scent of verbena.
Creamy mushroom cappuccino with the Russian black truffle
Carp croquettes with egg cream, caviar Halibut and young farmer cheese.
Rice porridge with mushrooms and soft cheese.
Ice cream with french fries and a gel of Actinidia. Served with berry powder.
What you can try on a gastronomic dinner
All dishes are prepared with priority regional products. Particular attention is given to a product that is difficult to purchase in the HoReCa segment. Product quality and environmental origin of the product is guaranteed. I try to use a little product is used in the restaurant area. The use of new technologies and diet, make my food unique. Design approach to each dish carefully and slowly steals. Food that surprises the taste, design, thus useful and easily digestible. Number of dishes at the gastronomic dinner ranges from four to seven. It is always new dishes, new flavors solutions. A chance to try the same dish at such events is zero. The names of the dishes is sounded only after the meal, so gastronomic dinner can be considered a blind tasting.
How to sign up for a gastronomic dinner
For the record sufficiently contacted by means of the Internet or telephone. All contacts are listed on the home page of my site copyright Record exclusively prepaid 500 rubles. gastronomic dinner cost is 3000rub. Recording is carried out in the past month.
What is interesting gastronomic dinners
During the tasting you can have a positive time and meet interesting people, and the chief personally, but also to underline to discover new flavor solutions, preparation technology. After the meal, I explain in detail the guests, how and what, do the dishes.
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