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Where to drink beer in St. Petersburg

Of course, any resident or visitor of St. Petersburg will not be difficult to find a place where you can escape from the worries and enjoy a glass of beer. However, if you want to, as they say, take everything from life, then choose should be much more picky. In other words, so as not to stumble on the institution that eventually disappoint you mercilessly Ballroom mini-selection of the best places in St. Petersburg, where you can drink beer and just have a great time.
Beer pub «Wild Oscar»
Wild Oscar - this place has had time to establish itself among the wide range of visitors. Traditional Irish Pub in St. Petersburg promises a warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere, delicious food and beer for every taste. Another advantage in the treasury Wild Oskar - sincere reviews regular guests, who particularly emphasize the excellent service, amazing food and great experience.
Bar "Refuge"
According to rumors, this place will be opened in the spring of 2016. About what is expected from institutions, little is known, but one thing is clear for sure - bar "Shelter" will not only satisfy the hunger and thirst of every guest, and a lot of surprise environmentally friendly, warm and thoughtful interior living wall of plants, effectively feed and scandalously low-menu with impressive dishes. However, very soon it will be possible to see for yourself - we offer you to be pioneers.
British pub «Oldham»
Aristocratic, restrained, but at the same time friendly atmosphere as well as possible in harmony with the theme and the history of the pub. Evening in Oldham promises to be a very, very nice - classic dishes, spiced with the original pitch, and a wide range of beers will satisfy even the most demanding guest.
Specialized bar, which brings together the most avid connoisseurs of beer crafting. In places menu, you can find more than a dozen types of beer and more than two hundred bottled beers that you will agree, is impressive, and the bartender will tell you about the beer, more than any encyclopedia. Overall - a great place in St Petersburg in order to have a beer and relax.
Restaurant-brewery "Karl and Friedrich"
The welcoming restaurant with a truly amazing story and attitude, German cuisine and beverages of the highest quality - the ability to go now beer journey. By the way, an annual Oktoberfest celebration is held here, so you can visit the legendary event, without having to leave St. Petersburg.
With this collection you can easily decide where to drink beer in St. Petersburg, and your evening certainly not be lost in vain. Please send this top friends and share in the comments of your favorite pubs in St. Petersburg.
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