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How to open a beer bar: details, tips and tricks

Pub - a popular vacation spot for most men. Many people in our culture sang foamy drink, and modern man as well, regardless of their status, age and position nourish sympathy for beer. Perhaps you yourself are a connoisseur, and it is therefore hit on the idea to open his own pub. In that case, if you have doubts and do not know where to start, we suggest to familiarize with the detailed plan of opening a pub - the action list will help you organize the necessary actions and do not lose sight of.
The opening of a pub from scratch usually takes a few months - at a competent, responsible approach possible to keep within 12-16 weeks. Before investors are tasks such as:
• Find a suitable location for the future of the bar;
• Calculation of estimated costs;
• Obtaining and preparation of necessary documents, approvals and licenses;
• Preparations for the opening.
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Let us examine the specific actions that are needed to open such establishments:
1. First and foremost, of course, investors are interested in price. How much is to open a beer bar - an open question, and the move to name even the approximate price is very difficult. In many ways, expenditure depends on the region, the level of institutions, the target audience and other factors;
2. Every business starts with an idea, which quite naturally develops into development brasserie concept. Think that can highlight your bar among hundreds of others - maybe interesting varieties of beer or copyright beer, exotic snacks, live music, or sports broadcast eSports competitions;
3. Next is to attend to the search room. From the place where it will be located your pub depends lion's share of its prospects. It is recommended to choose a place with a high level of permeability - perfect proximity to the subway, shopping and business center;
4. Without registration, the legal form of a pub just unable to open, so that the point of the "search space" should be receiving documents;
5. After the institution officially registered, it should be allowed to repair and furnish the room to your pub. It takes coordination of the project with some organizations (eg, SES, fire control and other). At this stage it is necessary to find and connect the chef, who will help to develop a kitchen project, pick up the equipment and start making a menu;
6. Reconciliation obtained - then you can begin to repair, decoration, furniture selection, purchase of equipment. The event is complex and expensive, but you get the opportunity to create an interior and atmosphere of a pub from scratch;
7. Beer bar without alcohol - this is not a bar, so that followed to obtain licenses to trade in alcoholic beverages and tobacco products;
8. Marketing - it can include starting an advertising campaign, the development of the shares, with the cooperation of discount coupons and aggregators, and so on.
Of course, at every stage of opening a pub from scratch has its difficulties and pitfalls, but if planned and thorough approach to work, it is possible to cope with every trouble. The article was written by the example of the discovery gastrobara "Shelter» located in St. Petersburg in the Petrograd district, opposite the Botanical Gardens.
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