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Which pans are and how to choose

Aluminum pans are light and are not expensive and are now in the majority of cases they apply Teflon coating. I do not recommend this option, as the coating is quickly erased, aluminum in contact with the food gives a negative reaction.
Steel pans are popular mostly in restaurants and catering industries. They cost much more expensive than aluminum. When incorrect roasting, perhaps sticking product.
Cast iron pans are good and cheap. The food at these pans under normal use does not stick. Pots of this type are strong and not afraid of the metal equipment at work. Our grandmothers after frying pans are not even washed, wiping clean paper or cloth. This equipment requires good care, cast iron tend to rust.
Teflon pans are very convenient to use, but do not suffer scratches and careful use. When the scratches can pass harmful reaction. Good Teflon pans are quite expensive, and cheap are easily damaged.
Ceramic pans are durable and expensive. The downside is no opportunity to use induction. It can also be damaged if dropped or contrasting temperatures. These pans are harmless as compared to aluminum or Teflon.
Titanium pans Titanium is not quite how it is presented. In fact there is a part of the impurities. These pans are quite expensive and quality, they do not rust and durable.
In my practice, I can say that in the production of the restaurants tend to buy steel or cast-iron frying pan. Also we can not forget about the destination. So, for example, a pan for pancakes is best to choose a Teflon or cast iron. For roasting meat, I recommend iron.
How to choose a pan modern mistress?
High-quality pan - irreplaceable thing for any hostess. After the household items may well decorate kitchen and make each new cooking easy and safe. Previously, almost all the pans were identical and almost eternal. They were handed down to future generations.
With the development of materials and the latest technology, modern steel pans easy and beautiful. And cooking at her now like a lot of the holiday - the food does not stick at all, very little oil is used, the fat washes without undue effort.
Pan TimA TVS and its distinctive features
Pan TimA TVS different all the above and many additional useful features. It is made of high quality aluminum with modern non-stick coating. Seven-layer ultra-durable coating of the new generation type Art Granit also consists of layers of crushed stone with a high content of metal alloys. This provides a high non-stick effect is smooth and fast cooking of any kind of complexity. Furthermore, pan TimA TVS sufficiently resistant to scratches and other types of mechanical damage.
Thickened bottom favors the uniform distribution and long heat preservation, which helps to bring a dish until fully cooked, without the danger that the food can quickly burn.
Comfortable handle of the pan is covered with a special compound soft touch. The handle of the pan can be easily removed, which is very convenient in the care of the pan and its storage. In the process of cooking, the handle does not heat up too much and kept a chef hands without slipping.
Features of operation and maintenance
Frying is not damaged by continuous contact with high temperature, it does not emit any toxic component even after prolonged heating and easy to clean, both manually and in automatic dishwashers.
"TimA TVS" is ideally suited for any plates except induction. To extend the life of the pan, it would be wise not to use active detergent in the care of her, abrasives or sharp metal objects. Moreover, the use of such means for removing fat from the surface of the pan will be no need. After all, any contamination is easily washed, even the most ordinary sponge with a small amount of mild detergent.
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