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What is the role of hormones in the human body

It's no secret that many processes in the body control the hormones. It depends on them both health and appearance. They just need to maintain balance in the body. Each of the hormones fulfills its role. Therefore, it is important that their level was normal. To do this, from time to time it is necessary to hand over the analysis on hormones.
What are hormones and how they are produced?
Hormones - this is a kind of endocrine signals, by which regulates the operation of all the processes and organs in the human body. Through the blood they are transported throughout the body. For the production of endocrine cells respond hormone glands and certain fabrics.
What functions can perform hormones?
They are necessary to maintain health and provide a response to external and internal stimuli.
Thyroid hormones control the speed of chemical reactions in the body. When elevated levels of hormones in the blood is observed nervous irritability, problems with heart rhythm disorders, and digestive system. There may be a shaky hand syndrome. And when a person feels a lack of weakness, somnolence and depression. Often there are problems with the nervous system and heart. It is important to monitor the use of adequate iodine. The daily rate of 150-200 micrograms.
Adrenal hormones are important for the normal functioning of the body. For example, cortisol plays a protective role for the cells. However, if its norm is exceeded, the reduced immunity and developing diabetes. Often there is an ulcer. The rate of cortisol in the blood varies depending on gender and time of day. Acceptable for women in the morning from 140 to 620 nmol / l. And in the evening: 48-290 nmol / l. But for men it is considered to be the norm: in the morning: 170-535 nmol / L. Evening: 65-330 nmol / l.
3. And for the reproductive functions responsible sex hormones, namely estrogen and testosterone. For women, it is imperative that estrogen levels were normal. With its lack arises osteoporosis, mood swings and observed. Often this becomes a cause of infertility and lack of sexual desire. In the childbearing period should focus on the following numbers: 11-191 pg / ml.
Men especially important that testosterone was normal. This hormone regulates the potency and is responsible for the production of sperm. There should be a measure of free testosterone in men: 5.5 - 42 pg / ml.
All the hormones produced by the endocrine glands and then freely circulate in the blood. Next to them interact cells - the target by means of protein - receptor. They are necessary to the hormones in the body to function.
What hormones are the people?
There are two main groups: steroids and peptides. Steroids produce the adrenal glands and gonads due to cholesterol. From the steroid hormone dependent on physical development throughout their sexual life to old age.
For good metabolic important peptide hormones. They include a number of amino acids. For their release should be a sufficient amount of protein. A typical representative of this group - Growth Hormone. It is necessary for those who want to increase muscle mass. With its lack is a problem with the burning of excess fat. Peptide hormones is dependent on insulin, which transforms the sugar into energy.
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