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Cooking for kids

Cooking for kids
Sometimes adults devote a lot of time cooking, and if you have children, there will be no more than bring them to this interesting activities. Cooking will help you instil qualities such as independence, creativity and responsibility, and with the right approach after some time the child can help you with the most sophisticated dishes. Only one conclusion - cooking for kids is an excellent tool for the development of your child.
Many parents are afraid to cook meals with the children, fearing a pogrom in the kitchen, and even injuries. This judgment is radically wrong, and must adhere to simple rules to avoid unpleasant consequences.
First of all, you first need to choose simple recipes where a positive result will be guaranteed - if you and your children are sure to get a kick and from the process and the outcome. You also need to take into account the child's age - 5 years if it will be enough just to observe and assist, in 10 years, the child is able to cook for themselves.
Cooking for children 3-4 years
At this age, children are curious enough, and inspire them is not difficult. It is important that the process was not mandatory, it would be better if you organize it in the form of the game. Work the dough can be compared with the molding of the clay, and screening of ingredients and then mixing them - a real magic. Such actions will help your child learn more about the properties of products and their compatibility.
• To avoid problems, you need to pre-measure the required amount of ingredients and use a wide bowl with high edges.
• The process will be even more fun if you do not interfere with the child too, just need to guide him - forbid not try to sugar and salt, stir hands.
• Eliminate food, the preparation of which would require the use of a knife and noisy equipment, as well as dishes that require a long time.
• Under no circumstances should not scold the child, if all goes not perfect - the best option would be Encouraged and supported. Otherwise, the next time the child is simply not want to cook.
At this stage the child is to learn the rules of kitchen hygiene.
Cooking for children 5-6 years
At this age, the child can show their creativity and cuisine - the perfect place to realize this potential. At this stage, no need to prevent the flight of his imagination, you need only a little direct and prompt. The child learns to focus on a single class, understand that you need to follow a certain course of action to ensure that the result was positive. It is also a great opportunity to learn how to work independently and to use such utensils as a syringe or a kitchen mixer.
• Consider the child's preferences in the selection of dishes.
• Allow it to measure the right amount of food.
Cooking for children 7-8 years
At this age, the child is able to develop their own skills, but the presence of an adult in the kitchen still needed.
• At this age, you can entrust your child to use a kitchen knife (under supervision).
• Simple dishes (sandwiches, simple salads) child can do on their own.
• In the presence of adult child can use a microwave and mixer.
• Allow the child to find a favorite recipe, read it, and then cook together.
• At this age, in any case, the child should not be forced to cook, if he does not like.
Cooking for children 9-10 years
At this age, there is virtually no restrictions (of course, if all of the previous steps have already been passed). If you are doing with the child before cooking, then it will not be a problem Cooking your lunch or dinner.
• In the 9-10 years to teach the child to use sophisticated instruments (blender, grinder).
• By changing the proportions of mathematical ability can be trained.
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