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Correct chefs who give poor-quality food

One of the main purposes for which visitors come to the restaurants - delicious, high-quality full of food. It may sound prosaic, but no verified interior or a heating atmosphere of the soul, nor the royal service will not save your institution if gastronomic needs and expectations of guests are satisfied. And, in fact, for this reason, you should always see to it that in this respect there was no indulgence, because every guest deserves to enjoy the best variation of the worth of your chef. You can do it, if you follow any of my rules:
Always punish those chefs who gives low-quality food.
Unfortunately, responsibility - a piece rather unstable, and it is important to maintain regular control. Cook does not cost anything to chance and hope to give poor quality food - a high probability that this fact simply pass by the boss, no one will notice, as a guest and did not say anything modestly. In such circumstances the ordinary chef does not feel the effects of the regular recurrence of such situations, but you, the boss, in the absence of proper control of the level of this aspect will have to fidget reasons for your restaurant loses its regular guests.
And you can get caught a guest, which this state of affairs is unlikely to suit, and he is not afraid to stand up for their rights - and to listen to the angry cries, apologizing, and it will have you blushing. Enjoy a little, but I would be more worried about the fate of the institution, rather than personal moral shocks.
To understand this situation and reduce the likelihood of its recurrence is quite simple - it is necessary, first of all, to find the guilty and make clear that such a relationship to work you will not allow in any case. Shouting will not help, so I recommend to penalize irresponsible cooks and penalize offenders twice. I got the first time on that given poor-quality food? Well to do, earn less salary. The first time you learned nothing? Perhaps the bigger the penalty will make you reconsider your attitude to work. Also, you should remember that the chefs can start simply more careful to hide their doorsteps, knowing that you can catch them by the hand - I recommend in any case not to relax and keep a watchful eye over it.
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