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Do not let anyone pry into other people's business

People mad love to give advice. Literally every second is never deny myself the pleasure to have advised one and all, despite the fact that he understands the issue of an order of magnitude worse than the one who is trying to help. Even sadder, when experts with whom to work, start to push absolutely crazy demands to pry there where not to be, and, worst of all - begin to teach the chief cook. I will share with you a couple of tips and advice on the case, if you come with such a tactless colleagues so that you can easily get out of this sticky situation.
Thus, the 10 rule states:
If someone pokes his nose into your sphere of activity, you need to either give the nose, or to shift the responsibility.
Of course, by "to the nose", I mean it is still a concrete set of actions, rather than blossoming fists - no violence in the kitchen! There are situations where inaction is simply impossible - create a high risk of conflict, tear their nerves, and generally ruin all the work. In this situation, I recommend the following action plan:
1. It is possible, for the first time is the least delimit - hint negligent counselor, that, well, do not worry so much for me, I know very well the business and in a strange moral support does not need;
2. If a man was hurt neponyatliv and the first paragraph does not give effect, then, perhaps, you should get tough. Usually after a kind of "click on the nose" at the advisers lost all desire to philosophize and climb to where not asked;
3. In that case, if it does not get tough, because unnecessary tips and ideas generates an investor, try to logically explain why he was wrong and why you should not do so. Investors continue to insist - then say that it is certainly possible to implement, but all the responsibility is passed on to you himself.
When my recommendations are relevant, and when they should be used?
• Employees in no way connected with the kitchen - administrators, accountants, managers - tend to share their valuable opinions and try to teach you to live and work? Hint to avoid conflict, rigid approach will save your nerves and eliminate the unwanted advice;
• inexperienced, but young workers and hot dishes that have not yet had time to fill the cones and to master the intricacies of some, believe that their opinion is the only right? There is likely to be efficient is the second point;
• An investor insists on loss-making positions, which will bring nothing but losses? In this case, I advise you to act thinner, according to the third point - then you will always be a trump card in the form of "you want to do so, I warned."
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