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Learning chef

"I do not want to learn - I want to marry." What for itself to develop? Education on the chef gives you the opportunity to become sought-after and highly paid professionals, sometimes known worldwide. There are many institutions of higher education that give not only general knowledge about the technology of cooking, but also communication, dating, recommendations. In the high positions, where you have to manage a large team in Russia rarely take the chef without experience.
It is equally important to learn the secrets of cooking, innovations in modern cooking, such knowledge usually give master classes or cooking schools, academies, where they show their mastery of the chef from around the world.
Features of training the chef
A man who dreams of becoming a chef would be happy to see how to prepare the real pro, try to work on the modern equipment. Many people want to become a chef in the most famous restaurant in the world, to realize their countless ideas to be famous and get decent money at the same time. But in colleges, schools, institutes practice takes little time, and it is unfortunately not the level, it is based on the theory - and it notes and boring to the audience. The main directions in which they teach, are not always useful in the real world, in practice.
There is also a world-class school, learning the chef there, is fundamentally different. For example, the famous school Le Cordon Bleu, which has its English and French representation. In such schools, the focus is on practice, learning cooking skills, but also reveals a certain philosophy of cooking. In the US there are similar schools Culinary Institute of America, New England Culinary Institute, who also train specialists in the higher class. Upon successful completion of the higher schools and academies culinary arts are given special certificates that contribute to find a job in the best restaurants in the world. The only drawback of such schools that trained the chef is very expensive, from 20 thousand dollars per course. It is also not always the presence of brown gives a chance to get a better position, the main role in this is experience, fame, sometimes due.
How to develop the direction in which to learn the chef?
There are several ways to learn cooking and become a better chef. One of them - is to participate in TV culinary projects. The truth will have to get at least twenty of the best parties, and because fame can then be to find a job in a good restaurant.
The second option - a self-study, visit the master classes, you need to apply for any position at a good restaurant. Many gurus of modern cooking starts with dishwashers, but achieved great heights. When cooking for a man ceases favorite hobby, it begins to absorb all the knowledge to experiment with cooking and sooner or later notice.
The third option - the practice in the best restaurants with qualified professionals, it is the teacher depends on the amount of knowledge that you can get.
How to choose a worthy courses
On a good course, as teachers are practicing chefs who are trained to work on the modern equipment of innovative technologies. Many of them have their own achievements and awards, which you can judge the degree of professionalism and skill. It is worth paying attention to the very room in which classes are held. On some courses can hit everyone, tuition fees and other school put forward their demands and conditions.
For example, some schools that provide training to the chef can put a number of conditions:
- Knowledge of a specific language, such as French or English;
- Experience and resume;
- Passing the training courses;
- medical certificate.
Wherever decided to study people, the main thing - it is his wish and desire. After all, to achieve realization of their dreams only going forward, despite the successes and failures along the way.
My advise beginners to experts
If you have a big desire to grow career wise, this is a big step. The most important thing in training chefs - this desire!
 The first thing I would suggest for success, constantly monitor the Internet. Look for the best specialists in their field, through their work style, learn the technology of social networks. In our time, there is a good opportunity for self-training. Do not forget about the books, on the Internet it is possible to download a lot of literature and necessary information. For example, in the pages of the International Chef's Culinary Alliance there is a whole library.
 Another important vector of development - is the practice. Sometimes you can pay a chef, so he took you to his work. Try the best restaurants at least by half years old. This time is enough to learn a lot of useful information. I see no reason to work for a long time in the same place. The degradation, you do not develop creatively, in time you do not get the right amount of fresh information.
 Take master classes with top chefs. It's not just the new information technology methods, but also friendship. I recommend private lessons, let it be more expensive, but the efficiency is much higher.
 Make a statement on Cook competitions. This will not only test their strength, but also make useful contacts, to express themselves and receive information from others.
Cook more at home, on vacation, at work. Generate new ideas and practice, communicate with colleagues and do not stop there.
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