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Check the command on the knowledge of the TTC

Knowledge of the TTC - is the sacred duty of each team member, one way or another involved in the preparation of food in your establishment. Even small flaws and oversights resulting from care attitude to work, are able to cause enough damage to the impressive and negate the result which had to achieve for years.
My next rule is:
Always verify command to the knowledge of the TTC. Weight, technology names and cook should know by heart.
Well, apparently, not learned some information there, but so what? A simple mistake that is repeated on a regular basis, will cause many problems, which have to dig you, boss. You probably had to deal with the shortage, and if you have enough experience, then you know that this may be due not only to theft. Banal mistakes in weight out of ignorance or lack of awareness lead to a major nedostatacham or surpluses, and it is - a good reason for the penalties, deductions, premiums and other deprivations that obviously did not please the band members. So, I not learned the TTC - framed the whole team, and you need to convey that message to every cook to avoid such embarrassment.
However, the shortage - it's not the only problem that entails a lack of knowledge of the TTC. Using the wrong ingredients or change their number will inevitably affect the final product, and a permanent guest, waiting for the familiar taste, do not feel nothing but bitter disappointment. Perhaps the guest will never come back to your restaurant as a regular customer fatal loss for the institution at any level. This also can be attributed to a situation where a cook and knows like the TTC by heart, but in the heat of battle forgets to re-examine themselves and make mistakes again.
Knowledge of the TTC - it is also a strict observance of technology, and deviation from it can not only change the taste and quality of the final product, but also adversely affect the cooking time, which is not please the hungry visitor. As you can see, this small and modest nuance as ignorance of the technical and technological carte dishes can lead to devastating consequences, and you can safely put into question the value of such an irresponsible employee. If you put as a goal the harmonious and brings a minimum of problems development institutions, do not forget to check and recheck their subordinates on the knowledge of the TTC.
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