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Aspic recipe and its history

Aspic - one of the brightest representatives of Russian cuisine. With horseradish, vinegar, or garlic, beef, fish, pork or poultry - either his appearance this dish always found joy in the household and guests. I have always at hand a special recipe for aspic. And where did it all begin? How did such a wonderful dish on Russian table?
At all times the broth was respected. The poor peasant families, or luxury tables noble rich jelly in Russia has always enjoyed high popularity. It was originally called "jelly" and was a rich broth with finely chopped remnants of what was left of the digested meat. The secret lies in the viscosity of the gelling agents that make up cartilage. During prolonged cooking these ingredients almost insoluble in water, while cooling to form a viscous substance. Long ago, our compatriots have noticed this and began to be widely used, creating amazing gastronomic delights. Today on the menu of every good restaurant can be found in aspic jelly, or, for example, language or trout.
It is interesting that in France aspic recipe appeared not later than in Russia. The refined aristocrats called him "galantine". Perhaps it is from this word derives its name and gelatin. The monarchs and dukes, barons and Viscountess did not initially very kindly treated meat murky gelatinous mass. This was an occasion for cooks for inventing new recipes. The galantine began to add lemon zest, his unnatural tint colors. However, special popularity gained finding ways to make the broth transparency. So there was filler. Beautiful leaves of carrots, green sprigs of dill or parsley, and to this day are the most popular decoration of this delicious dish.
Today, the classic recipe for aspic demand only in the Slavic countries. Europe prefers the filler. An interesting and very practical solution could serve as a most ordinary disposable cups, which will serve as molds for fine a la carte dishes. Comfortable and beautiful, besides, zavyaznuvshie vegetables in broth serve not only a tasty side dish, but also an amazing decoration of every festive table.
But every product jelly has its advantages and disadvantages.
The benefits of this tasty dish is big. It gives the body the collagen needed to maintain skin elasticity. Maintain good physical shape with the help of this dish can be, but to rejuvenate - this is unlikely. Contained in the broth substance of bone and cartilage contribute to the strengthening of joints. Some doctors advise to enter into the diet of jelly for fractures or trauma, promising a speedy recovery. Amino acids and glycine, which is contained in a dish in a sufficient amount, has a positive effect on the nervous system, helps fight with stressful situations. I love to make money aspic during depressive states: aspic recipe itself involves many different movements and helps to quickly get rid of unpleasant thoughts. True or not, the doctors say that jelly helps strengthen the immune system. Probably need more in this case, put garlic or horseradish.
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