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Daniel Berlin

Daniel Berlin is the chief and owner of the restaurant of the same name, Daniel Berlin, which is located in Sweden, in a small village called Skane Tranas. Daniel is one of the most highly regarded chefs in Sweden.
Secret of success
As a child, Daniel was a difficult child. But, having grown fond of cooking, the future chef found the strength to take the right path. When Daniel opened his restaurant, he had no clients for six months, but the chef did not despair and continued to move on. Now it is necessary to book a table for several months - the institution is so popular. Daniel achieved success through dedication and self-confidence.
Daniel was not always popular. A few years ago he worked as a chef in a prestigious restaurant, where he managed a large team of cooks. The boss threw this job because he did not like the turmoil that reigned in the kitchen. Daniel revised his life principles and opened his own restaurant, with the financial support of his parents. How to choose the perfect chef in a restaurant, and also what is the essence of the role of the chef?
Kitchen and Crockery
The kitchen of the restaurant uses ingredients grown on a farm nearby. Visitors are offered a menu of several dishes for tasting, as well as a seasonal or standard menu. In the restaurant you can try the following crown dishes: pudding from sago cereals with celery and cheese Westernbotten sauce, minced meat in Tatar with beetroot. As a dessert there is an elderberry sherbet or goat milk ice cream with jam and blackberries.
Achievements and awards
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place on the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• Star of the prestigious restaurant rating Michelin.
• Winner of the contest of the best chefs San Pellegrino Cooking Cup.
Personal Philosophy
The chef of the restaurant turns the usual products into real culinary masterpieces. He skillfully experiments with different tastes, for which in narrow circles he is called a "culinary alchemist". Despite all the praise and rewards, Daniel is a modest, open and friendly person who likes to communicate with visitors to the restaurant. He can even personally serve a table, conduct a tour of the garden and bring guests to the hotel.
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