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Chef French restaurant L'Astrance Pascal Barbeau

"Prepare for his inspiration"
French Chef Pascal Barbeau owns a restaurant, which he calls "antimodnym", all with a simple interior, the absence of the pages in social networks, and a flexible work schedule. In an institution focused on the main thing: on food.
Secret of success
In his young age, Pascal picked up the kitchen of the restaurant at the top level. All because a famous chef modern and creative approach to the creation of dishes. He is not afraid to experiment and create new gastronomic kontseptsii.On likes to surprise and exceed the expectations of visitors. Therein lies the secret of the success of the chef.
Carier start
Pascal was born in 1972 in France. At the age of seven years, he realized that he wanted to be a chef. A huge amount of time he spent for harvesting of vegetables in the garden of his father and watched as his parents prepare a variety of dishes. When Pascal grew up a long time he worked as an apprentice chef in London. In 2000, he decided to start his own career and opened a restaurant.
Signature dish of the chef
Chef uses only fresh ingredients. Remarkably, the menu at the institution is not Pascal. Every day he makes 15 new works of culinary art. But one of them is applied consistently - is the crowning layer cake of biscuits, hazelnut oil, mushrooms and marinated in lemon jam foie Plays.
Awards and achievements
• Three stars of the world's most popular gastronomic Michelin rating.
• In 2005, Pascal received the title of the best chefs in France.
• Place in the rating of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
• In 2010, Barbot debuted on screen in the French television series that offers viewers a look at the kitchens of the best restaurants in the country.
Personal philosophy
Pascal - quite charming and pleasant companion. He loves his guests and trying to surprise them, coming to the restaurant, visitors do not know what they will be treated. Each table has its own waiter who picks up the dishes according to preference. Chef easily relates to life and food preparation, his style is not so heavy and straight, like a French chef of the old school. Pascal said: It is better to do a few little unusual dishes with interesting texture and color than to cook a large portion - it will give any dinner must intrigue and dynamism.
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