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Chef Inaki Aytspitarte

"Food - the most important thing in the kitchen"
Inaki Aytspitarte - Chef Le Chateaubriand, who is in France, in Paris.
Secret of success
Inaki restaurant critic called the king of Parisian gastronomy, and all because the chef - a true master of his craft. He easily violates the most well-established rules, but never impose their opinion and does not consider himself better than others. Inaki - simple and friendly guy who has learned the art of self-gastronomic. The zeal for knowledge and talent given from birth - the reasons for the stunning success of the chef.
Inaki - a self-taught chef. He has no culinary education. He was a student of culinary face, but ran away from him because of boredom. Future Chef worked as a gardener, designer, mason, has long traveled the world, but at age 27 decided to go back to cooking. Inaki worked in restaurants and cafes, gaining experience in American and European institutions, I have not yet moved to Paris. Here, together with his friend and partner Frederick Peno he opened the restaurant Le Chateaubriand, who gained worldwide fame.
Kitchen and dish crown
Iñaki believes that the most important thing in the kitchen - it is products, so only the best ingredients are used in his restaurant. Every day the restaurant offers visitors a fixed menu. Crown chief meal: kalmarovy salad with sea asparagus, onion, currants and algae. The restaurant also serves foie gras with passion fruit and cauliflower, banana puree with cane sugar or avocado with shrimp crisps.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• The title of the best chefs on the version of Le Fooding Guide restaurant rating.
Personal philosophy
Inaki never wanted to be famous. Therefore, he does not participate in popular shows and master classes. According to a talented chef, the essence of his profession is absolutely not the case. Relations in the collective institution built on the principles of self-esteem: the need to be honest both with colleagues and with guests of the restaurant. The main passion of the chef - it is traveling. The only way to discover a new experience, which give inspiration and start creating new gastronomic masterpieces.
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