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Chef Corey Lee

Corey - one of the most talented chefs in America, owner of the restaurant Benu, which is located in San Francisco.
Secret of success
About 20 years chef honed his skills and increased the skill to finally open a restaurant Benu. His work is recognized not only by visitors of the restaurant, but also rigorous culinary critics from around the world. Hard work, dedication and self-development - that's the main secret of the career of the famous chef. If you want to succeed in your institution, you need to find just such a chef.
The chef was born in Korea. When he was five, his family moved to the United States. In his youth, Cory worked in the dining room, and it was then that he became interested in the kitchen. Growing up, Corey went to London, but decided to return to the States and began his culinary career. Cory has worked in many restaurants, including the famous institution of Thomas Keller's The French Laundry. Having obtained the necessary experience, the chef opened his own restaurant. Also Corey is the author of numerous essays and cookbooks.
Kitchen and dish crown
In the kitchen the chef uses fresh and quality products, produced in San Francisco. The restaurant offers the following courses: exotic foie gras, marinated crab sea urchin sauce, crispy frog legs with vegetable salad, smoked quail, braised in a pink wine with pepper bacon, quail eggs with ginger, beef ribs with herbs. For dessert - Fuji apples, chocolate, nuts and other goodies.
Awards and achievements
• Three star Michelin rated restaurant (Michelin Guide).
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• 4 star rated newspaper San Francisco Chronicle.
• Corey - Goodwill Ambassador in Seoul.
Personal philosophy
According to Corey, in the kitchen you need to focus not on the result but on the process. It is important to choose the only correct approach to the preparation of a particular dish, it is important to get it right - that's when you end up with what we wanted. Thanks to the work of the chef Cory learns something new every day. He explores the world of gastronomy, it seeks to create a new and unique tastes. When Corey was young, he wanted to share with people of their own culture, Korean cuisine open for them. Now the boundary between the kitchens of various countries is blurred: Corey happy to prepare different dishes.
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