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Chef Michelle Bras

"Our recipes are a reflection of the emotions experienced"
Michel Bras is the chief chef of the Bras restaurant, located in France, in a small village of Lajol. The institution carries a generic name, at the moment it is run by the son of Michel Sebastian Bras.
Secret of success
Michel achieved success due to his outstanding talent and desire for self-development. An important role in his career played parents: thanks to my mother Michelle fell in love with the kitchen. The chief still remembers how he came home from school, and he was waited by unusually tasty dishes cooked with love. Thanks to his father Michelle learned to choose and love fresh and quality products. Another secret to the success of the chef is attention to detail. After all, as Michelle believes, everything great begins with a small one.
Michelle is a humanoid family. He began to learn cooking from his earliest childhood, preparing various dishes with his mother, who at that time worked in a tavern. I did not finish any special institution, I learned everything myself. Together with his wife, Michel founded the Bras establishment, which became a family business and soon won three stars of the famous Michelin restaurant rating. The best chef - what is he?
Kitchen and Crockery
Michelle always preferred simple ingredients, which are usually not used in the preparation of gourmet dishes. The menu differs depending on the time of the year, all products are always selected by the chef himself. The son of the chef, who currently runs the institution, followed in the footsteps of his father - he fully agrees with Michel's approach to eating. The most popular dish of the legendary establishment is a salad of flowers and mountain herbs.
Achievements and awards
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place on the list of the best restaurants in the world.
• 3 stars of the prestigious Michelin restaurant rating.
• Honorary place in the gastronomic rating "Relais & Chateaux".
Personal Philosophy
Michelle is a creative and original person. It is thanks to his unique technique of combining the different directions of cooking he won worldwide recognition. He associates all his culinary experience with the past and believes that his recipes are a reflection of the emotions experienced. Often he recalls children's years and parents who played a huge role in the development of his career.
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