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Chef Rafa Costa e Silva

"We are working and take care of every detail to make you feel comfortable"
Owner and chef Lasai, which is located in Rio de Zheneyro, one of the largest cities in Brazil. With Lasai Basque language is translated as a quiet, relaxing place.
Secret of success
Working a long time in a variety of known and unknown restaurants, Rafa decided it was time to open his own restaurant. During the first few years the restaurant has won several awards and universal acclaim. How did he do it? All thanks to the commitment of the Brazilian chef and his hard work.
His professional career as a Brazilian chef began in 2003, when he graduated from Culinary Institute of America. He lived in the country for four years, working in different restaurants, but in 2007, Rafa decided to go to Spain. He participated in many gastronomic events in different countries, while continuing to work as a cook. In December 2011, Rafa decided to try himself as a chef: he returned to Brazil and opened his own restaurant.
Kitchen and dish crown
Rafa has its own farm, which produces fruits, vegetables and eggs. It also cooperates with local manufacturers, which allows him to use only fresh organic products. The menu can be found the following signature dish Chef: Coconut cream with egg yolk and salt-dried beef, braised oxtail with homemade bun. The restaurant offers two menus: appetizer, main course and dessert or dish selected chef and his team, based on visitor preferences.
Awards and achievements
• Star of the famous and influential restaurant guide Michelin.
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: in the ranking of the 100 best restaurants in the world.
• Award "Best Chef" by the magazine Veja Comer & Beber Rio.
• Number 7 on the list of the 50 best restaurants in the world by the magazine CasaVogue.
Personal philosophy
The main reason for the constant changes in the menu of the restaurant - it is the gardens. Each new season and the new-grown fruits and vegetables allow to make the menu variety and require the development of new dishes and treats. Chef Rafa believes that gardens are a source of inspiration that helps to work the entire staff of the restaurant. With each new day, Rafa is trying to improve their skills, because it is skill - the main key to success.
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