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Chef Scot Kirton

"The passion, taste, excellence and simplicity"
Scot Kirton - Chef La Colombe, which is located in Cape Town, South Africa. A distinctive feature of the chief - the attention to detail and adherence to the principles of classical French cuisine.
Secret of success
At the age of six or seven years, Scott spent much time in the kitchen with her grandmother. It was then that he realized that cooking - it is his calling. He saw many other professions, but nothing brings more pleasure than cooking. At Scott was a dream, but hard work and self-development have allowed him to move on. With its aspirations to a successful career chef it is who is right now.
Scott learned from the best chefs in the world. The chef has traveled extensively to learn all the nuances of culinary science. He came to work at La Colombe six months after the team joined the British chef Luke Dale-Roberts. For a long time, Scott and Luke worked as a team, they've created a lot of meals together and worked hard to bring the restaurant to a new level. Scott is a chef and to this day. His skill and talent secured him worldwide recognition and reward the best chef.
Kitchen and dish crown
Scott tries to stick to classic French cuisine. In cooking it uses fresh and quality ingredients: the restaurant staff prefers working with local products. On the question of cooking chef applies scrupulously. Meals are prepared in series, using a low temperature, which leads to excellent results - tender and evenly cooked treats. His signature dish - lamb with vegetables, made in this way.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Best Chef poversii Eat Out Mercedes-Benz Restaurant Awards.
Personal philosophy
Cattle can not live without traveling - in this he finds his true inspiration. He travels to different countries, learning their traditions and culture, as well as cooking techniques. Experience chef uses in practice, creating a new and unique dishes for his restaurant. Scott said he and his team must constantly evolve, improve the menu and keep pace with international culinary trends.
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