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Chef Umberto Bombali

Umberto - the main chef and owner of the legendary Italian restaurant 8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana, which is located in the heart of Hong Kong, China.
Secret of success
Humberto never forgot his roots. Chef refers to food with respect, and to the customers of the restaurant - with strict attention and friendliness. He is not afraid to go beyond the traditional Italian cuisine, coming up with new culinary concept. Honest attitude to food, boundless creativity, talent and developed skill - the reasons for the success of the legendary chef.
Umberto was born in Italy. Throughout his career, the chef worked with the best chefs, both as an apprentice and as a full partner. For a long time it ruled Toscana restaurant in Hong Kong, has repeatedly shared his experience on the culinary exhibitions and events. After the closure of establishments Umberto started his own business. The name of the restaurant was chosen by him personally. Within 11 months after the opening of the institution was awarded the first star Michelin prestigious culinary award. Currently, the chef owns several restaurants around the world.
Kitchen and dish crown
In the kitchen the chef uses actively truffle - is one of his favorite ingredients. For her love for him was Umberto colleagues nicknamed "king of white truffles." However, the chef can not select one favorite food, because he loves and respects any food. At the restaurant you can taste the stew with celery and black truffle veal and truffle mashed potatoes. For dessert you can try the chocolate sorbet with orange blossom or marinated strawberries.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• The best Italian chef in Asia poversii Italian Culinary Institute.
• Three stars of the popular gastronomic guide Michelin.
Personal philosophy
Humberto likes to walk around Hong Kong. Walking through the hills and enjoying a beautiful view, the chef is inspired by the work and new ideas for the restaurant. Generating new ideas - the most important quality of any chef. But the real Umberto favorite hobby - it is. He believes that it is necessary to do what you love, and do it better than anyone. Chef says, which is why his restaurant has received such recognition, and entered the list of the best.
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