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Chef Ivan and Sergey Berezutski

"The main thing for any man - to see the result of their work"
Brothers Sergei and Ivan - the chef and owner places the Twins, located in Moscow, in the courtyard of an old apartment building on Malaya Bronnaya.
Secret of success
Brothers say: work with the family - is the best way to quarrel forever. But they skillfully avoid this problem: Eat at their restaurant is divided into several working areas. From one part serves desserts and cold dishes, from another - hot. When the going gets contentious issues, the brothers are responsible each for their area. The ability to share responsibilities and work as a team helped children to achieve good results in the profession.
Since then, the brothers chose the same calling, it was clear: at some point they will be prepared together. For a long time the chef worked in different restaurants, from time to time participating in international competitions and festivals, helping each other or competing. Sergei worked in Moscow, and Ivan - in St. Petersburg. At some point, Ivan the question arose: what to do next, and the guys came to the decision to open the general restaurant. Together they managed to achieve fame in the gastronomic world.
Kitchen and dish crown
The menu at the restaurant is divided Twins by name the main ingredients. Specialty chefs - tartar. In the restaurant you can try out several variants of this feast. It serves venison tartare, smoked bark, tartare of young bull with mushrooms and parmesan cheese. Among other dishes - arancini with duck, aubergine puree and pomegranate, fish soup with polenta and vegetables.
Awards and achievements
• The World's 50 Best Restaurant: a place in the list of best restaurants.
• Ivan took the honorary first position vsorevnovanii International Spanish Haute Cuisine.
• Sergey received the award "Best Young Chef in the world" according to the Acqua Panna & S.Pellegrin.
Personal philosophy
The menu, which came up with the brothers, express their vision of contemporary cooking. They believe that the Russian kitchen changes, moving away from traditional flavors and ingredients, complemented by new items. Ivan and Sergey did not disclose the secret of his success: they do not believe that is so famous that they can give advice. Chef believe that only hard work and focus on results can make a restaurant successful.
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