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Calcitonin: description and norm in the body

Calcitonin (or, as it is called, calcitonin) is formed by the thyroid cells. Its main task - the regulation of calcium metabolism (hormone affects its decline). It also reduces the content of phosphate in the blood which is in the bloodstream.
Description and norm
Calcitonin differs from other active substances that are produced by the thyroid gland. It does not take part in metabolic processes by regulating only calcium and phosphate metabolism. It also activates the cells that form bone and assists calcium ions to move from the plasma directly into the bone.
Normal blood levels of the hormone - from 0-1,46 pmol / l for women and 0-2,46 pmol / l for men. In medicine, do not determine the reduction in the amount of the hormone in the body as an important criterion for the normal value is taken, including a null value. It is important that the hormone did not go beyond the upper limit of normal. For the diagnosis is necessary to eliminate physical stress, stress and binge eating for 24 hours prior to analysis. On the results may affect the state of pregnancy or during breast-feeding.
Calcitonin and food
To reduce the amount of hormones and normalize calcium levels in the body, eat the following foods: cabbage (cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli), dairy products (everything from milk and ending with cheese), vegetables, fruits and dried fruits. Add to eat parsley, onions, spinach and celery. The high amount of calcium found in fish and seafood. Of the meat dishes as much as you can eat chicken and veal. You can also indulge in sweets: milk or dark chocolate, shortbread and fruit ice cream.
Increasing the amount of hormone in the body occurs in medullary cancer - the most common form of thyroid cancer. Growth of calcitonin starts at a very early stage of development of the tumor. Sometimes increase may signal the larynx, lung, trachea and breast. To diagnose the violation in a particular organ can only be a specialist.
Too high amounts of the hormone can also speak of hyperthyroidism - widespread thyroid disease. Its symptoms: thyroid gland becomes much more heartbeats occur more frequently, your metabolism increases, there is irritability and excessive excitability.
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